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Customizable One Piece dress shirt line from Japan offers boatloads of anime style【Photos】

Dozens of patterns to choose from for a one-of-a-kind salute to the Straw Hat Pirates.

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Pokémon Shirts releases two styles of customizable aprons with all 151 Kanto Pokémon designs

New aprons are here for completing your home cooking, gardening, and other household chores in perfect Poké-style.

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Pokémon Shirts launches new face mask range in Japan【Photos】

151 unique pocket monster designs to choose from!

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See how official Pokémon Shirts are made through new, stylish documentary【Video】

New goodies also on the horizon with the debut of this insider look in Pokémon Shirts’ operations. Read More

Stay Tentacool in the summer heat with these gorgeous Pokémon polo shirts

Original Stitch is back with custom shirts for the season — and you can get Poké Ball buttons on these ones!

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Pokémon dress shirts progress into Gen 2 with 100 brand-new Johto region designs【Photos】

Sequel to custom-made shirt line adds new options for men, women, and kids.

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A visit to Tokyo’s Pokémon Shirts store, and what all 150 original species patterns look like

Pokémon fashion comes to Harajuku, and we’ve got a massive photo preview to help you decide how to customize your dress shirt.

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Pokémon Shirts opens physical store in Tokyo with all 151 Kanto species designs on display

Mail-order fashion company opens Harajuku showroom so fans can see the shirts before they buy, and also offers in-store exclusive patterns.

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Dozens of new Pokémon dress shirt designs revealed as maker confirms women’s sizes available too

Japanese fashion label also shares videos showing the ridiculously huge number of customization options that ensure your shirt won’t look exactly like any other Pokémon fan’s.

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New Pokémon dress shirt line lets you dress like an adult in the company of all 151 Kanto species

Wearing a suit to the office isn’t so bad when you’ve got Pikachu, Eevee, and your other Pokémon pals with you.

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