Gundam Cafe

Gundam conquers AKB48? Mobile suit cafe closes to expand, may take over idol eatery’s territory

Robot fans applauded elimination of idol “eyesore” next to mecha anime otaku attraction.

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Tokyo’s AKB48 idol-themed cafe announces sudden, permanent closure

Only a few weeks left to visit the idol singer eatery, plus possibly one more Akihabara landmark.

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Brand-new Gundam Cafe, biggest branch yet, to open in Osaka this month

Anime eatery’s first branch in central Japan offers exclusive food and merch for mecha fans.

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Get Ready to Say “Gundam! This is Some Good Food”, Gundam Café Gearing Up to Enter Every Major City Across Japan

The countdown is still ticking for Gundam Café’s third strike on Tokyo Station this 20 December.  However, the execs at Bandai Namco Holdings have already leaked plans to target all major urban markets across Japan with their unique blend of coffee, pasta, and bipedal war machines.

So if you live in a major city such as Osaka, Nagoya, or Hiroshima, you might get your hands on a Haro latte sooner than you think.

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