Crafty designers create an endless loop of origami-style fun out of what looks like a simple sheet of paper.

Just like every consumer electronics/software company, Nintendo wants your money. But what Nintendo does arguably better than any other video game company is make people feel good about the transaction. It puts so much clever fun into its games that fans generally come away feeling like they got more than their money’s worth, making the transaction resemble a patron supporting hard-working artists, not just a customer passing off cash to a corporation.

That spirit of artistic creativity even extends to the advertising for the upcoming Yoshi’s Crafted World game. As the name implies, the Switch title sees Mario’s lovable dino-steed Yoshi standing in the spotlight, with his new adventure rendered to look like the world and characters are made out of paper, felt, clay, and other supplies you could find at an arts and crafts store. So when it came time to produce an in-store promotional pamphlet for the game, a simple piece of paper wouldn’t do. No, a game like this calls for an awesome piece of paper.

As shown in the video from Twitter user @supino403, at first it looks like any other flat sheet of paper. However, the picture of Yoshio actually folds out from the center, revealing a four-by-four grid of screenshots from the game. But as you’re looking at them, you’ll notice there’s yet another fold, this time with flaps that swing upwards and downwards, and inside are four more screenshots showcasing various gameplay mechanics like building and breaking things with the in-game materials.

And that’s still not the end of the surprises! The gameplay section folds open to the right and left for an even more in-depth look at Yoshi’s abilities…

…and even that can be folded out one last time, when the pamphlet reveals its most amazing trick: all that folding has put you right back where you started, returning you to the original image of Yoshio so you can do the whole thing all over again! So unfolding the Yoshi’s Crafted World pamphlet is actually the same process as refolding it.

Essentially, the way the pamphlet is folded allows for an endless loop, which led one Twitter commenter to make an extended repeating version of @supino403’s video.

The process is tremendously satisfying to watch, and online comments have included:

“I really think it’s amazing how Nintendo comes up with ideas like this.”
“They have so much child-like playfulness. It’s beautiful.”
“Even the sounds the paper makes as you fold it are great!”
“I don’t even need the game. I just want the pamphlet!”

Making the whole thing even more impressive is that this isn’t some special pamphlet Nintendo made for a trade show or as a bonus for pre-order purchases. Stacks of them can be found, for free, at major electronics stores.

If there’s one thing to complain about, it’s that video game instruction books are pretty much a thing of the past now, meaning we won’t get to see what Nintendo’s designers could have done with one for Yoshi’s Crafted World. Still, this is an awesome way to let fans have some tactile fun, and yet another example of how Nintendo is always looking to innovate.

Source: Twitter/@supino403 via Jin
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