Man’s confidence is shaken in a bizarre way during beef bowl run.

Usually, you don’t expect to find yourself grappling with life’s big questions when you go to a fast food joint. “Would you like cheese on that?” or “For here or to-go?” are about as difficult as the typical quandaries get.

And yet, on a recent trip to fast food beef bowl chain Sukiya, Japanese Twitter user @not_kurou found himself questioning the very sum of his existence, thanks to an off-hand comment from the Indian employee working the register.

First, a little background information. Sukiya periodically offers what it calls the Suki Pass. For 200 yen (US$1.80), you get a card that’s valid for one calendar month, and whenever you show it, you get 70 yen off any beef bowl or curry order. Basically, if you eat three beef bowls a month (something your body can easily handle), it pays for itself, making it an extremely good deal, especially since you can use it on the food order you’re placing at the same time as you buy the pass.

▼ The Suki Pass

So when @not_kurou put in his order, the cashier asked if he wanted a Suki Pass too, and that’s when the conversation dramatically expanded in scale, as he recounts in his tweet.

Cashier: “Do you want to buy a Suki Pass? It’ll make your order a little cheaper.”

@not_kurou: “No, I’m OK.”

Cashier (looking at me like he could see my soul): “Are you sure? You don’t look like you’re OK.”

@not_kurou (thinking): “Am…am I really not OK? Am I not as OK as I thought I was?”

With the seed of doubt rapidly sprouting roots in his mind, @not_kurou did the only thing that made sense in his world anymore:

“I want to be OK, so I bought a Suki Pass.”

The sudden psychological shift that caused @not_kurou to reevaluate his life had other Twitter users saying:

“Now I want to get a Suki Pass too.”
“That Indian cashier is an amazing salesman.”
“I bet he was a real estate broker before he came to Japan.”
“Maybe he’s actually a [high-ranking Sukiya] executive who goes around to the branches in disguise.”
“So now that you have a Suki Pass, have you become OK?”

In regards to that last comment, @not_kurou later followed up by saying “The Suki Pass is amazing…It’s just like the Indian cashier said. I’m going to be OK.” So it sounds like his purchase has made his taste buds and wallet happy, and considering that beef bowls are a relatively healthy fast food choice, it sounds like the cashier’s advice will be changing @not_kurou’s life for the better at least for a month.

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Source: Twitter/@not_kurou via Hachima Kiko

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