Does the eel from these cheap takeout shops pass the buyobuyo quality test? We find out

Unagi for about 1,000 yen…is it worth it?

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American visits Japan, wonders why McDonald’s only sells beef bowls, not burgers

A visit to this unusual branch reveals the mystery behind the burgerless McDonald’s.

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Mix-and-matching Yoshinoya, Matsuya, and Sukiya to create the ultimate beef bowl【Taste test】

We tear the Big Three’s gyudon apart to see if we can rebuild them into something better.

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Demon Slayer teams up with beef bowl chain to excite fans, test their dexterity with Tanjiro bowl

The Tanjiro’s Charcoal-grilled Mayo Chicken Bowl is lunch, cuisine cosplay, pun, and skill trial all in one.

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We make our own version of Japan’s new Yakisoba Gyudon Omu Curry MIX bowl

We tried it out before it even became available in restaurants!

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Sukiya celebrates new Crayon Shin-chan anime film with special beef bowls topped with yakisoba

And one with an omelet and curry, too!

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Sukiya’s upcoming “Triple Garlic Mix” menu items are so pungent they come with a breath refresher

Only the brave will take on one of these super garlic dishes!

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Beef bowl chain shows how to turn gyudon into cheese-tastic baked doria with almost no effort

Today in the SoraKitchen, we’re turning one Japanese comfort food into another one.

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What happens when you accidentally put a gyudon beef bowl meal through the washing machine

Sad tale of a Japanese Uber Eats delivery gone wrong

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Sukiya beef bowl chain makes Japanese New Year fun with limited-edition fukubukuro

13 reasons why 2020 ought to be the Year of the Beef Bowl. 

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Indian fast food cashier in Japan causes customer to reevaluate his life with simple suggestion

Man’s confidence is shaken in a bizarre way during beef bowl run.

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Two of Japan’s biggest chains travel to disaster-stricken Kumamoto to hand out free beef bowls

Mobile kitchens provide comfort food, in the truest sense of the word, for thousands of earthquake victims.

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Adventures in Gyudon: We order all seven toppings at Japanese beef bowl chain Sukiya

Gyudon, or beef bowl, restaurants offer a plethora of toppings to add to your meal and it can be hard to choose just one. So why not choose them all?

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Eat at Sukiya and Get a Free Kirby Toy! (For a Limited Time Only)

Like gyūdon beef bowls? Love Nintendo’s pink vacuum-mouthed mascot Kirby? Then you’d better head down to your nearest Sukiya restaurant quick and pick up one of these adorable little windup walking models!

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Food Fight: We Compare Yoshinoya and Sukiya’s Pricey New Dishes

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Times are tough in Japan, and, as reported here on RocketNews24 earlier this week, the country’s two biggest gyūdon chains, Sukiya and Yoshinoya, are tightening their belts after seeing financial losses in the first half of the tax year.

The restaurants’ response to the decrease in profits? Stop cutting costs, end the focus on dirt-cheap dishes and instead launch new, fancier menus in the hope of enticing new customers and squeezing a few extra yen out of regular patrons.

Both Yoshinoya and Sukiya’s new dishes that are more than twice the price of their regular gyūdon staples, but the restaurants claim that they are a cut above the rest as a result. But will the average salary-man, with just 500 yen per day to spend on lunch, want to pay extra for a fancier menu? And if they do, which dish should they choose?

Armed with a camera and grumbling stomachs, we headed out to both restaurants on two seperate days to try the new dishes for ourselves.

Let the New Gyūdon Wars begin!

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