Clever design makes kids’ yukata easy to play in all summer long.

Kimono occupy an interesting place in the fashion world. On the one hand, their basic style has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years, but on the other, they’re still a viable, often-worn garment in modern life, especially in the form of the lightweight summer kimono called yukata.

That connection to both the past and the present means that yukata merge traditional lines with modern patterns, and the latest example is this line of Disney-themed yukata from Japanese casual clothing chain Right-on.

Four princess patterns are available, with subtle yet unmistakable nods to their fairy tale-inspirations. The light blue Little Mermaid version features Ariel amongst the seashells and starfish, while Aladdin’s Jasmine can be found holding a magic lamp on a yukata adorned with, fittingly, jasmine flowers.

Going from floral to fruity, we see Snow White with apples…

…and rounding out the group is Rapunzel, appearing as she does in her character design for Tangled.

Right-on’s Disney Princess yukata are part of their kids’ collection, and the designers know that kids like to tun and play, and also can get pretty fidgety when their parents are trying to help them get dressed. Because of that, the yukata seen here are actually two-piece ensembles, giving the look of Japan’s traditional kimono robes without the difficulty and hassle of having to align collars and firmly tie the obi (sash).

You still do get an obi as part of the package, however. This particular style is called a heko obi, made of thin material that can be tied in a simple bow, as opposed to the more complex knots of stiffer, more formal kimono sashes.

Each set also includes a floral character charm that can be clipped to the obi or used as a hair accessory.

Each set is priced at 4,990 yen (US$46) and is available for kids 100, 120, or 140 centimeters (39, 47, or 55 inches) in height, and the entire lineup is on sale now.

Source, images: PR Times
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