These six coordinated ensembles mix cosmetics with yukata and include a specially designed yukata inspired by one of the lipstick colors.  

Cosmetics company Maybelline New York and traditional Japanese clothing brand Furifu have teamed up to offer a “Traditions of Japan” yukata collection. The six stylings in the collection were released on May 18 at Furifu store locations, as well as on its online shop, and encompass a range of both retro and modern design elements.

▼ Due to the mix of traditional and modern patterns, might we suggest coordinating each ensemble with these kimono heels?

Furthermore, the yukata were purposely selected to complement six colors from Maybelline’s popular line of Super Stay Matte Ink liquid lipsticks that represent “traditional colors of Japan.” These colors are Walnut (胡桃色), Pomegranate (柘榴色), Crimson (茜色), Daybreak (東雲色), Light Crimson (薄紅色), and Apricot (杏色).

The collaboration as a whole intends to offer newly coordinated looks which mix the various themes of summer in Japan, Japanese traditions, and New York fashion and playfulness. Let’s take a look at each of the ensembles in greater detail now.

▼ Ensembles 1-3 are detailed below.

1. Lipstick color: Daybreak (#130) / Yukata name: Love Lip

This first offering is also the rarest. Love Lip is a limited-edition yukata created exclusively in commemoration of this Maybelline x Furifu collaboration. Its Furifu designer actually incorporated the Daybreak lipstick color in the colorful pattern of clear yet subtle-from-a-distance lip motifs. Love Lip is limited to 10 yukata and online orders only.

2. Lipstick color: Crimson (#117) / Yukata name: Anemone Flowers (姉萌音)

Crimson lipstick color pairs well with splashes of vividly red anemone flowers and retro black stripes.

3. Lipstick color: Light Crimson (#175) / Yukata name: Bibbidi Ribbon (ビビデリボン)

Lilies, hydrangeas, and nadeshiko flowers interspersed with flowing ribbons evoke a Taisho-era (1912-1926) romance.

▼ Ensembles 4-6 are detailed below.

4. Lipstick color: Pomegranate (#80) / Yukata name: Camellia Aubergine (椿オーバジーン)

White camellia flowers over a dark blue background lend an off-season cool and elegant beauty to this ensemble.

5. Lipstick color: Apricot (#210) / Yukata name: Flowers and Anmitsu (花とあんみつ)

Anmitsu is a traditional Japanese sweet made from agar jelly cubes topped with anko, syrup, and fruits (including apricots at times). The sunny yellow hue of this yukata is overlaid with delicate details in the form of peony, hibiscus, and wisteria blossoms.

6. Lipstick color: Walnut (#70) / Yukata name: Night Sky Cats (夜空猫)

Cats and wisteria–truly a match made in heaven. This yukata continues to be one of Furifu’s most enduringly popular designs.

The yukata in the “Traditions of Japan” Maybelline New York x Furifu collection are currently available at Furifu’s website. Each yukata costs between 33,000-63,800 yen (US$303-586) and may also come in your choice of color variations. Order now so that you’ll be all ready to dress up for summer festivals in the coming months!

Sources: Maybelline New York (Japan), Furifu, PR Times
Images: PR Times 
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