It turns out that Pikachu’s cuteness suits any price range.

One thing that never seems to get old is Pikachu-related merchandise, whether it’s a Pikachu-shaped model car or instant cup noodles. Now Bonpoint, a French premium kid’s and baby clothing brand, has created a Pikachu-centered capsule fashion collection in collaboration with Monpoké, the Pokémon franchise’s fashion label for young fans.

Sizes range from newborn to 14 years, so your child can grow up with Pikachu always by their side. The collection includes tops, jackets, accessories, pajamas, and even a few non-clothing items.

▼ Left: Timi Pajama Set, Right: Boris Pajamas

These newborn pajama sets are made of organic cotton (as are most items in the collection) and come in either a two-piece set (Timi) or a onesie (Boris). They feature a cute all-over print featuring Pikachu, clouds, and stars. The Timi Pajama Set starts at 21,230 yen (US$135) and the Boris Pajamas at 27,940 yen.

▼ Tom T-shirt

This t-shirt fits babies from six months all the way up to toddlers at 36 months. Prices for this item start at 14,520 yen.

▼ Left: Aada T-shirt, Right: Fortunato T-shirt

For kids aged four to 14, Monpoké offers two simple but adorable T-shirts. Both the Aada and Fortunato styles start at 19,030 yen.

▼ Tonino Sweatshirt

This Tonino Sweatshirt is perfect for cooler temperatures, and it features two adorable Pikachus with fuzzy cheeks. It’s available for kids aged four to 14 and starts at 39,050 yen.

▼ Arnold Baseball Cap, Lancelot Jacket

Denim also gets a shoutout in the collection with a baseball cap and jacket. They’re made in eco-wash denim and feature embroidered Pikachus that will last for years to come. Sized for ages four to 14, the Arnold Baseball Cap goes for 23,430 yen, while the Lancelot Jacket starts at 50,160 yen.

Also included in the collection are skincare items! They suit many skin types and age, and most items contain organic ingredients.

▼ Moisturizing Face Cream Airless Pump – 12,100 yen

▼ Nourishing Body Cream – 12,100 yen

▼ Body & Hair Cleansing Cream – 14,850 yen

▼ My Pikachu Mini Skincare Set (4 items) – 18,480 yen

▼ Bonpoint x Pokémon Tote Bag

The final piece of the Monpoké collection is a tote bag, priced at 21,230 yen. It features a large Pikachu with fuzzy cheeks, suitable for any age–even adults!

The Bonpoint x Pokémon capsule collection is available online in both Japan and Europe (linked below) if you’re interested in more details or in purchasing any of the items. In Japan, the clothing items are also available at Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo.

Sources: PR Times, Bonpoint
Images: PR Times

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