Fluffy fellas look like totally different beasts without their coats.

Japan, really, really like alpacas. They’ve served as the inspiration for delicious donuts and even a dating simulator video game. Then there’s the wedding chapel that will provide an alpaca witness as you and your beloved exchange your vows.

It’s not hard to understand why Japan like alpacas so much, either: all that fluffy fur. Alpacas look at once adorable and goofy, which puts them sort of in the same sweet spot as Shiba Inu dogs, another animal Japan has a definite soft spot for.

But what do alpacas look like without all that fluffiness? Whether you want to know the answer to that question or not, you’ll never be able to forget it once you’ve seen these photos.

Iwana no Sato is an onsen (hot spring) resort in Fukushima Prefecture. But while Japan has plenty of hot springs, Iwana no Sato might be the only one that’s also home to a herd of alpacas, who live in the on-site ranch, which can be seen from Iwana no Sato’s Alpaca Cafeteria restaurant. The Iwano no Sato staff recently gave their alpacas an early-summer haircut to keep them cool as the temperature starts to rise, and the post-shearing photos, shared from Iwana no Sato’s official Twitter account (@nonbirialpaca) have been shocking Japanese social media users who never stopped to consider what an alpaca’s actual physical dimensions are.

▼ This guy even got his beard and sideburns trimmed.

Startled commenters left remarks such as:

“It totally looks like it’s wearing a mask or something.”
“I’m starting to feel uneasy just looking at them.”
“It’s like a lion with a freakishly long neck.”

On the other hand, others’ alpaca appreciation wasn’t damaged in the slightest.

“No matter what their hair looks like, alpacas are cute.”
“This ‘natural look’ is adorable.”
“They look so refreshed.”
“I actually think they’re cuter with their shorter cuts.”

Of course, it won’t be long until the alpacas hair grows back, and they return to the universally adored long-haired look. In the meantime, maybe having shorter hair will keep them not only cooler, but less stressed, and prevent any more surly alpaca fights from breaking out.

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Source: Twitter/@nonbirialpaca via Jin

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