The 10 best places for young, single people to live in and around Tokyo【Survey】

The city–and the others that made the list–was picked for its convenience, style, and location!

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We drink a gold leaf-covered chocolate drink from Godiva and pretend we’re rich【Taste Test】

A delectable chocolate drink shrouded in gold? Count us in!

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Wholesome reporter seeks nostalgic fukubukuro experience, gets huge haul of anime goods instead

Despite kicking off the new year with a plethora of anime merch, something felt amiss for our Japanese-language reporter’s fukubukuro experience.

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Our unrefined “potato” reporter gets a haircut by an anime hairstyle expert in Tokyo

Looking for a new ‘do? Leave everything to the staff at Sorcier’s in Tokyo–they’ll know exactly what to do.

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Shockingly dirty restroom in Tokyo train station has no poo, plenty of mysterious garbage

Neatly sorted litter is all from one specific thing.

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Yokohama ranks as most desirable city for living in Kanto for the second year in a row

What makes Japan’s second largest city beat out popular spots in Tokyo?

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From Rome to Tokyo: Trapizzino’s Italian pizza sandwiches are delish

Tasty, Rome-style Italian pizza sandwiches have hit Tokyo, and we couldn’t resist shoving several of them in our faces. Nom!

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【TBT】Tokyo’s Pico Pico Cafe: Where video games meet coffee

Despite having visited the town of Kichijoji in Tokyo on a near daily basis for over a year, it wasn’t until I sat down with video game developer James Kay and started chatting about our mutual love of pixels and coffee that I learned about Pico Pico Cafe, a cosy corner perched at the top of a eight-storey building just minutes from Kichijoji station.

After dropping the staff a line, RocketNews24 headed over for a coffee and a chat. We hadn’t gone two steps inside, however, before we found ourselves completely enamoured with the unique cafe’s warm, homely interior and – perhaps most of all for this life-long gamer – the subtle dashes of video game culture in every other nook and cranny.

Tons of cool photos after the jump.

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