For those looking to sneak in some treats to their trip to Japan.

Japan has plenty of themed cafes, with everything ranging from weightlifting maid cafes to courthouse themed cafes. But up until recently, if you wanted a ninja dining experience, your options were mostly limited to the Naruto cafe in Akihabara, which may not be up everyone’s alley.

But starting this July 1, the NINJA Café & Bar will be opening in Tokyo’s Asakusa district, where customers will be able to eat ninja-themed foods, enjoy ninja-themed decor, and of course, dress up like ninja too.

▼ This video shows off the cafe outside and in, along with the skilled staff members.

Even though the cafe is themed around shinobi, the design of it ensures that it very much sticks out. The torii around the entrance, the temple ropes, the sliding door, and of course, the 39 tanuki statues.

▼ Why 39? Because “39” can be read as “san-kyū” in Japanese, which sounds like “thank you.” Such subtle customer service!

▼ The inside walls are decorated with ninja weapons: katana, scythes, spears, and more, along with other historical relics.

But of course, being a cafe and bar, the most important item is the food. Here’s a sampling of what they’re shown off so far:

▼ Curry in the shape of a shuriken…

▼ …fire-jutsu pudding…

▼ …and chilled ninja udon, perfect for cooling off in the summer.

Since the cafe anticipates lots of foreign customers, everything on the menu can be made vegeterian, vegan, and/or halal. 

The cafe is run by the same company that has put on the well-known NINJA TOUR in Asakusa for the past four years. They’ve helped over 10,000 foreign guests get dressed up as ninja, roams the streets of Asakusa, and learn about the rich history of cool places like sensoji temple.

▼ Here’s a NINJA TOUR group outside of the famous Kaminari Gate.

▼ And now at the cafe, they offer ninja lessons, include shuriken throwing, dart blowing, katana wielding, and ninja tea ceremony.

▼ Just don’t throw any shuriken after drinking at the bar!

▼ You may not be blasting any rasengan or chidori after just one lesson, but hey, it’s a first step!

▼ It’s certainly a memorable way to spend your time in Asakusa!

If you’re heading to Tokyo sometime soon, and you’re looking for a ninja experience, then the NINJA Café & Bar could be right up your alley. And if you’re in the Nagoya area, be sure to stop by for some ninja ice cream and mochi too!

Cafe information
NINJA Café & Bar
Address: Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Nishiasakusa 3-27-14 1st floor
東京都台東区西浅草3-27-14 1F
Open 11:00 a.m.-11 p.m. (Starting July 1, 2019)
Website (NINJA TOUR)

Source, insert images: PR Times
Top image: YouTube/ Holiday Jack
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