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Pokémon Cafes in Tokyo and Osaka to have special Pokémon Café Mix-inspired menu

We’ve been waiting for the new cafe-themed Pokémon mobile game to be featured in the real-life Pokémon Cafes!

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NINJA Café and Bar serves up shinobi snacks, drinks, and tours in Asakusa【Video】

For those looking to sneak in some treats to their trip to Japan.

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Pop-up “Very Hungry Caterpillar” cafe now open in Tokyo, very hungry fans rejoice

Hopefully you won’t still be hungry after eating your way through these caterpillar-themed dishes.

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We visit the limited-time Kapibara-san x Hands Cafe at Omotesando!

We spent an afternoon basking in the understated cuteness of Kapibara-san!

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How do you get to Sesame Street? Just head to Harajuku!

Just because Sesame Street is a show for kids, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some Elmo-shaped food!

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Gintama themed cafe coming to Ikebukuro! Get ready for some wacky Edo hijinks

Gintama fans are in for a special treat as a cafe in Ikebukuro is re-working its image and re-opening as Yorozuya, the “we do everything” office from the Gintama manga.

While this cafe won’t be able to help you with all your life problems, they will be able to satisfy your need to eat, dine and be merry surrounded by Gintama characters and decor. This special theme cafe will finally make a Yorozuya store a reality and you only have to wait until this August.

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Star Village Cafe in Nagano Prefecture will have you dining amongst the stars

Humans have long been entranced by the stars — just a glance at the starry night sky inspires us to write poetry, paint pictures or set off on exploration expeditions. And in Japan, if you want that same inspiration, Achi Village in Nagano Prefecture is definitely the place to go!

You might not have heard of this place before, but the village was named the best spot for star-gazing in Japan by the Ministry of the Environment, and they are making sure that their name will be associated with the stars all across Japan. A new themed cafe called Star Village Cafe is opening soon and it’s planning to make you star struck with its interstellar decor. Put on your spacesuits and buckle your seatbelts, because we are launching for Star Village Cafe!

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Osaka’s JK parlours rebranding as cafes with new concept: girls sitting in ‘taiiku-zuwari’

Earlier this year, police in Tokyo and Osaka began a major crackdown on joshi kosei (high-school girl) “reflexology” massage parlours. As well as massage, the uniformed girls would offer male customers a range of unconventional services such as ear-cleaning, palm-reading and hiza-makura (using the girl’s lap as a pillow).

In place of the old JK parlours, however, a new type of establishment has begun springing up: the taiiku-zuwari cafe. These new cafes ostensibly don’t offer any services involving physical contact, nor do they serve food or drinks. What they do offer is the chance to watch girls sitting like they do in gym class.

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