A clever update to Japan’s traditional footwear that you can pare with kimono or Western clothing.

Geta, traditional Japanese sandals, are undeniably stylish. With thick, elegantly contoured soles and cords with colors chosen to contrast or compliment, they really do make the part of your outfit that’s closest to the ground a serious fashion highlight.

However, there’s also a drawback to geta, which is that they’re normally made out of wood. The hard, unyielding material can leave you with painful blisters on your feet after even a moderate amount of walking around in them, and even if you manage to avoid damaging your feet, the sandals themselves are prone to damage such as chipping on modern surfaces like concrete or water staining if you get caught in the rain.

But you can sidestep those problems with these beautiful modern updates from Japanese sandal maker Nara Getaya.

Instead of wood, these updated geta are made from EVA resin, a soft, spongy substance that’s much easier on your feet, as well as durable and something you don’t need to worry about getting wet. They still keep the core aesthetic cues of geta, though, and come in two different styles. First up, the Sui features the squared-off form used for men’s geta.

Meanwhile, the more rounded Rei model creates a more feminine look for female feet.

While geta naturally go well with traditional Japanese clothing such as kimono and yukata, you can also pair them with more contemporary Western fashions, as Nara Getaya’s photos prove.

Both models can be purchased here through Nara Getaya’s online shop, with the Sui priced at 5,724 yen (US$53) and the Rei at 5,184 yen. Oh, and if you’re looking to make an even bolder statement with your footwear this summer, don’t forget that Nara Getaya also has awesomely adorable cat-shaped sandals too.

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