The part about being a bishonen idol is entirely optional

IDOLiSH7, nicknamed i7, is a multimedia franchise which started as a mobile game and has since evolved to encompass a 2018 anime series, officially released singles and albums, and beautifully animated music videos. The story follows a group of seven aspiring male idols who are trying to make it big in the entertainment industry. While the characters themselves are entirely two-dimensional, the series has actually spawned two real-life concert performances with visuals by Kamikaze Douga, its animation production company, and singing by the Japanese voice actors. The latest concert event titled “Reunion” took place on July 6 and 7 in Saitama’s MetLife Dome and was met with great fanfare.

After the performances, Kamikaze Douga posted a celebratory message on its website which featured a rather unique illustration of Re:vale, a senior idol unit from the franchise composed of members Momo (voice actor: Soichiro Hoshi) and Yuki (voice actor: Shinnosuke Tachibana). At first glance it appears that one of the two is making a peace sign, which is a common pose for taking photos in Japan (and also for Japanese social media posts), but upon closer inspection it becomes clear that they’re actually making it together!

What kind of wizardry is this?! By intertwining their fingers in a certain arrangement and each raising a single index finger, the combination pose gives the impression of a close camaraderie between the two idols. Net users were quick to chime in with their reactions to the picture:

“The folks at Kamikaze Douga are geniuses.”
Give the person who thought of this pose a 1,000,000,000 yen (US$9.27 million) summer bonus.”
“This is gonna become all the rage as the next pose for taking photos.”
“Challenge accepted!”
“Yup, they’re just begging for people to copy them.”

Speaking of copying, that’s exactly what our ace Japanese-language reporters Seiji and Yoshio decided to do! While they’re just a little bit scruffier than the bishonen boys of Re:vale, what they lack in smooth-faced boyish charm they make up for with mature charisma and surprising dexterity.

▼ “Yes, we finally did it without losing any fingers!”

▼ Obligatory close-up

▼ “So…how do we untangle ourselves?”

▼ “OK, get a shot from the back…but then help us. Seriously.”

▼ “Cameraman, where are you going?!”

▼ “Oh well…this is our life now.”

While we leave Seiji and Yoshio to literally straighten themselves out, the rest of us will instead be busy resting in the lap of an anime mom.

Source: Kamikaze Douga via Twitter/@nijimen
Top image: Kamikaze Douga
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