Pikachu used Agility! Your SPEED went way up!

Mizuno has been one of the biggest sports goods in Japan for a long time, with celebrity clients like Tiger Woods helping to boost their image across the rest of the world.

The company’s super-stylish logo is engraved or emblazoned across their huge range of sports equipment, but it’s common on merchandise for the average exercise buff too. The brand even lends its logo to pencil cases, school bags and stationery, so you’re just as likely to see it in a schoolroom as out on the sports field.

Now Pokémon is teaming up with Mizuno to bring a line of snappy sportswear and accessories to be sold exclusively at their Pokémon Center outlets and select Mizuno branches. Once the line hits shelves on August 15, you’ll be able to get Mizuno’s brand of quality along with the classic cuteness of Pikachu!

▼ The full line-up spans sportswear and common back-to-school staples like pouches and water bottles.

The combination of Pikachu and the Mizuno logo had real care put into it. Both Pikachu and the Mizuno logo, the RunBird, are facing in the same direction, appearing to speed into the future that awaits.

The RunBird itself is named for its combination of concepts: “run” for activity and sports and health, “bird” for freedom of spirit, and creativity. A match made in heaven!

This collaboration seems like a natural choice considering how Pokémon has taken a recent position on healthy living, with teeth-brushing apps, sleep incentives and Pokémon GO specialty stores.

One standout product in the line-up is the heavy-duty backpack, retailing for 14,300 yen (US$135). Equipped with plenty of pockets and crafted from hardy TPU tarpaulin, this is one backpack that’ll last you for many years — and it looks super cute, to boot.

The striking black T-shirt comes in kids’ sizes (3,850 yen) and a unisex fit for adults (4,400 yen), with each variation split into further different size denominations. They are made from 100-percent polyester fabric, and star a team of dashing Pikachus racing across the bottom of the shirt, with the combination logo printed on the breast.

Make sure to stop by your local Pokémon Center, or either Mizuno Tokyo or Mizuno Osaka Chayamachi, to snap up these sporty goods!

Or if you’d rather stay inside, keep an eagle eye on the Pokémon Center’s online store. We’re certain they’ll be sold out before you can utter the command “Quick Attack”.

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Source, images: PR Times
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