Having a rough day? Then sit back, relax, and watch this quiet video of someone expertly crafting tiny cup ramen noodles.

Whether you enjoy making your own miniature fake foods or not, we think it’s safe to say watching someone craft them is spellbinding. The tiny details, the silent patience, and the absurd proportions all combine to create a relaxing stew of motion — almost like meditation but with more craft resin!

And when it comes to meditative craftworking, Hamster Miniature Studio 2 (or HMS2) is one of the most meditatively craftsy YouTube channels you can find. The recent video of the silent host putting together four miniature cup noodles has over 1.9 million views on YouTube — and it’s not hard to see why. Everything from paining the chopsticks to the final adorable scene of two figures preparing for lunch is just about perfect.

▼ And watching one video is equal to one week’s worth of spa treatments!

And if cup noodles aren’t your thing, then…well, we can still be friends, but you’ll need to bring your own food when you come over. Because we have nothing else to offer you! HMS2, on the other hand, will give you some tiny strawberries to munch on. Though you might have to fight the dolls for more than a few bites.

▼ They don’t look like they’re willing to share, do they?

▼ Maybe you’d prefer to share some sweets with your sweetie?

▼ How about snacking on tiny chips while being a tiny couch potato on your tiny sofa?

As you may have guessed from the YouTube channel’s name, this is actually the craftsworker’s second channel. The first channel actually does feature hamsters and is, in fact, the home of the miniature hamster ninja house! Recently, the videos haven’t been quite as exciting as a ninja hamster running around its home, but they’re still pretty cute — like this hamster that really likes climbing stuff!

If you’re interested in regular-sized crafts, then we have a feeling you’ll enjoy checking out these Sailor Moon bags. They’re not quite as cute as miniature cup ramen, but they’re also a lot more functional!

Source/images: YouTube/HMS2 – ハムスターのミニチュア工房2