Don-chan and Mogu-chan show that people and kitties aren’t always so different.

Despite how much people adore cats, the feeling isn’t exactly 100-percent mutual. As we’ve mentioned before, some experts say that cats are severely disappointed in us humans, as a result of our almost complete lack of displayed ability in feline skill sets such as licking ourselves clean or catching small animals for sport or sustenance.

But Japanese cat owner and Twitter user @nanao_ssan recently provided photographic evidence of one way in which cat and human behavior overlap, at least with her pets Don-chan and Mogu-chan.

The snapshot sequence starts with Don-chan, the bigger of the two, letting out a jumbo-sized yawn. Mogu-chan carefully observes the gesture…

and then, just like happens with humans, shows that the yawn is contagious!

“Cats catch yawns from each other too,” tweeted @nanao_ssan with the photos. Along with a cascade of “So cute!” comments, several other Twitter users mentioned that they themselves often catch yawns from their pet cats, in a cross-species manifestation of the phenomenon.

While the exact reason humans catch yawns from each other is unclear, a popular theory is that it’s a way of showing empathy and forming social connections. That might not sound like something cats, who are historically committed to doing whatever they want, would be all that interested in, however.

▼ Although it’s true that Don-chan and Mogu-chan are good friends.

Like with humans, there’s no conclusive answer as to why the yawn spread between @nanao_ssan’s cats. We can’t help noticing, though, that hanging out with someone and letting out an exaggerated, bored-looking sigh, followed by a sweet smile, like Don-chan did…

is classic tsundere behavior, which is right up cats’ alley.

Source: Twitter/@nanao_ssan via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@nanao_ssan
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