Become the Queen of Hearts at a resort casino this Halloween.

Our swimwear collection is already jam-packed with fairytale heroine bikinis and sexy succubus designs, but as we gear up for the Halloween party season we might just have to make room for one more daring costume, now that the Casino Dealer bathing suit is gracing us with its presence.

The new swimsuit, created by Japanese apparel brand Parfaite, is covered in playing cards spread out across a glass tabletop, with extra motifs like red ribbons and a cheeky red lipstick interspersed throughout the design.

▼ The playing card swimsuits are available in either red or black.

▼ The two-piece swimsuits come with flesh-revealing side straps on the waist and a double strap on the halter-neck top.

▼ The top allows you to keep your cards close to your chest with a peek-a-boo cut-out design on the bustline.

▼ For those who prefer to step away from the card table, there’s the sleek, all-black design.

And for those who want to look like a casino bunny, Parfaite has you covered with the “Garter Belt” design, which comes in a different style to the others.

The new Casino Dealer swimsuits are are created with a special material that’s cool to the touch, to ensure that you stay comfortable while looking hot at the same time.

The new swimsuits retail for 16,200 yen (US$151.51) each, and are currently available to purchase online at Village Vanguard, where you can pick up sexy soldier military leotards as well.

Whether you choose to wear them at the beach during the day, by the pool at a night party event, or even at Shibuya for Halloween, these Casino Dealer bikinis are sure to make you a winner wherever you go!

Source, images: PR Times
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