poke butt 1

Nintendo basically hit the merchandising jackpot when they came up with Pokémon. As of this writing, there are 718 Pokémon in the Pokédex, but as soon as they decide to release a new game, that number will grow again, and there are so many ways to make merchandise based on 718 different characters.

This is why the Pokémon Center stores around the world have been extremely successful. The best thing for the avid Pokémon fan is to walk around the shops and discover things that you didn’t even know you wanted. That is exactly what is going to happen with a brand new line of toys and merchandise available at Pokémon Centers soon. Slide your bum over and make room for the HIP POP! Parade.

We like Pokémon butts and we cannot lie, you other trainers can’t deny, that when an Azumarill walks in with polka dots around its waist and a round thing in your face, you want to buy some HIP POP! Parade merchandise. Six different Pokémon are using their behinds in a brand new line of goods which include fluffy cushions, magnets and phone straps. Starting October 10, you’ll be able to buy special merchandise that features Pikachu, Piplup, Growlithe, Swablu, Buzel and Azumarill in a very specific way.

▼ Pikachu and Swablu cushions, 2,500 yen each (US $20.80)

poke butt 2

▼ Soft and fuzzy rears for your phones and bags, 700 yen each ($5.80)

poke butt 3

▼ Pass cases for your commuter cards, 1,150 yen each ($9.50)

poke butt 4

▼ Rubber charms, 1,000 yen for the set ($8.30)

poke butt 5

▼ Butt pouches, 1,150 yen each ($9.50)

poke butt 6

▼ Squishy magnets, 600 yen each ($5)

poke butt 7

▼ Foldable eco-bags with Pikachu and Growlithe, 1,800 yen each ($15)

poke butt 8

▼ Coasters – 600 yen each ($5), cups – 1,300 yen each ($10.80), hand towel – 500 yen ($4.20)

poke butt 9

While some of these special goods might be a little naughty by nature, we think their squishy bottoms still definitely make our day, hey! We’ve got to give props to the HIP POP! So HIP POP! Parade…ho…hey…ho.

▼ Men’s and women’s Pikachu boxer shorts, 1,500 yen each ($12.50)

poke butt 10

▼ File folders, 240 yen each ($2)

poke butt 11

▼ Artistic tape, 600 yen ($5)

poke butt 12

If this special series turns out to be as popular as Pikachu in a Charizard outfit, they are probably going to sell out pretty fast. Most likely they will have another round of “hips” to parade out, but it will be a different set of Pokémon. If your favorite is one of these six, make sure you grab some before it’s too late.

Source, images: Pokemon.jp