Those who don’t own a pet might never have experienced how scary Mother Nature can be to our furry friends.

@siroisibainu is a Twitter account dedicated to Chobi, a 6-year-old female Shiba Inu with cream coloring. While Chobi may be the star of the show, her owner is presumably the one who uploads all of the cute photos and videos, such as the following relatable scene:

▼ “Here’s a dog resisting getting out of bed.”

On a less silly note, a video of Chobi during a thunderstorm in Tokyo last week went viral due to her primeval display of fear as the sky boomed outside. Her jitters are very apparent as she attempts to hide herself in an enclosed area for safety:

▼ “Now that it’s thundering she’s trembling in the closet.”

The storm itself, which occurred in the days following Typhoon Faxai, was certainly no pushover:

▼ “This storm is scary even if you’re not a dog.”

▼ “She went even further inside.”

Other pet owners sympathized with Chobi and commented that their pets have similar reactions during thunderstorms.

“Poor Chobi–it’s gonna be all right.”
“It’s scary, isn’t it? Yup, just keep petting and talking to her and hope that it will go away soon.”
“When it thunders my dog jumps under the futon cover and I let her sleep with me.”
“The poor girl. Dogs tend to be scared of thunder and fireworks. Lots of them even try to run away at the sound of thunder. How many times have you had to comfort her?”
“Some people claim that ‘thunder shirts’ help to calm their dog during storms. But I think what you’re doing is the best thing…being nearby and petting them. “

Storms and typhoons have got to be difficult for dogs in many ways–especially if their owners get stranded at the airport for hours.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@siroisibainu
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