Complete comfort representing two of our favorite anime cats!

Premium Bandai is known for coming out with some pretty cool products from all of our favorite franchises, like Trunks’ jacket from Dragonball Z, the Pokédex phone cover, and the Zaku teapot from Mobile Suit Gundam. We’re always pretty excited to see what they come out with next, and this time, it’s an adorable, cozy-looking pair of Sailor Moon bath robes!

These two robes, which are designed to look like two of the beloved cats from the Sailor Moon franchise, are meant to complement the adorable pajama set that Premium Bandai released last year. They’re the same soft, fluffy, and warm style, perfect for lounging around at home this winter. Wear one after a bath or shower, or in the morning after you wake up, or even when you come home from work and need to relax. They’ll be just what you need whenever you need plushy comfort!

They come in two varieties: Luna in midnight blue…

And her daughter Diana in grey!

Both styles have ears on the hood along with the cats’ trademark crescent moon marking on the forehead. Of course, each one also has a sash to tie the robe closed, which is designed in the image of the cats’ tails. On the breast are the words “Sailor Moon” with a pawprint printed between them, and finally, each robe also has two pockets–for storage of snacks, most likely.

The robes are one-size-fits-all, so they should fit anyone. Don’t let them pass you by! They sell for 10,450 yen (US$95.87) on the Premium Bandai website, and are available for pre-order only, to be shipped out in February. If you want one, get your order in by November 24 before reception closes, so you can wear it with your Sailor Moon Uniqlo T-shirt in your Sailor Moon decorated room. Your Silver Millennium palace requires it!

Source: Premium Bandai via Nijimen
Images: Premium Bandai

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