Turns out the Japanese randoseru school backpack is perfectly designed for cats to ride on.

Over the years, we’ve fallen in love with a lot of adorable Japanese kitties. But never before have we seen a cat that’s happy to ride to school on a child’s backpack.

Mee, however, is no ordinary kitty. She needs no encouragement to go to school with her older hooman brother every morning, even hopping up on his backpack without any prompting and balancing perfectly on his bag as he puts on his shoes.

▼ Whether it’s sunny…

▼ Cloudy…

▼ Cold…

▼ Or rainy…

This is one cat who wants to keep her brother company every morning. In fact, Mee looks totally comfortable on the randoseru, never attempting to jump off and simply gazing around at the scenery as the world goes by.

Two-year-old Mee has been heading out to school with her six-year-old human since she was little, and now that she’s bigger, it seems to have become a ritual that she’s not only used to, but looks forward to as well.

▼ She’s like a Queen surveying her land in the morning sun.

After all these years of the randoseru being used as the required backpack for elementary school children in Japan, and inspiring famous patissiers and celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, who knew it was actually the purr-fect perch for cats to ride on too?

While it’s not clear whether or not Mee makes it all the way to the school gate, she does at least accompany her human pal up the street, which is probably a safe and convenient place for her mother to step in and carry her back home again.

And considering how easy it is to drag your feet when you have to leave home for school or work, having an adventurous cat like Mee pushing you out the door is the motivation we all need to get out of the house on a dreary Monday morning!

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Instagram/izumo.h12130209

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