Never waste any more noodles or toppings!

We love Cup Noodles and their infinite variety of flavors. They’re always coming out with brand new ones too; last year, for example, they had maple-smoked bacon and “almost sea urchin” flavors! There’s nothing better than slurping up some tasty noodles and sipping the savory broth at the end.

But you know, there are always those little tiny pieces of noodle and topping floating around on the bottom, the ones that always seem to elude your chopsticks, or just break in half when you try to pick them up. They can be an infuriating end to your delicious meal, but don’t worry; Cup Noodle has come out with a solution for you: the special Cup Noodle The Fork.

These forks have been meticulously designed to be useful for the whole Cup Noodle process, from cooking it all the way down to eating it. For example, the back of the fork’s handle is ribbed and expertly measured to slide perfectly over the lip of the canister, so that while your noodles are cooking, you can use it to keep the lid tightly closed. Plus, the handle and head are bent to the perfect angle (128 degrees) for scraping up ingredients, making it easier than ever to finish every last bit of your Cup Noodle.

The tines are also ribbed, to make it easier to grab those tiny pieces of noodle and vegetables, and in order to scoop up the toppings, like pieces of mystery meat, the head of the fork is slightly domed like a spork. The forks also come with a handy case, which is perfect for carrying with you to work or school, and they even have a version for lefties, too, so everyone can make use of them!

You might already have one of these forks if you bought two Cup Noodles in one transaction at Lawson recently, but each store had a limited quantity of forks, and that promotion is over now, so the only way you can get one of these forks is to buy one at Cup Noodle’s online shop together with a pack of cup noodles.

For beginners, we recommend the “Standard Set”, which comes with the classic Cup Noodle flavors of regular, seafood, and curry and one Cup Noodle The Fork (625 yen/US$5.77). Quantity is limited to a total of 3,000 sets, so make sure you order quickly if you want to maximize your Cup Noodle eating capabilities!

Source: Cup Noodle via Entabe
Images: Cup Noodle

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