Nissin Cup Noodle takes some inspiration from maple bacon and turns it into a tasty noodle experience.

When you think of certain countries, certain foods just follow suit. The U.K.? Fish and chips, of course. Japan? Well, sushi for sure, and miso and katsu and noodles and rice balls

The U.S.A.? Well, after hamburgers, fries and apple pies, Nissin Cup Noodle decided that their new flavor would harken back to the other most American food: maple smoked bacon.

December 10 saw the release of the Cup Noodle Maple Smoked Bacon Flavor BIG, the latest instalment in their extra-large BIG series. It will sell for a set price of 205 yen (US$1.81).

▼ As you can see from the flags and Statue of Liberty, this Cup Noodle is very American.

As a British person, I admit, I foolishly assumed maple smoked bacon was Canadian in nature (due to the presence of the word “maple”). Upon asking some Americans and Canadians, neither party was willing to stake sole claim on it, though people from both countries conceded that flavoring bacon with anything at all “seemed like a very American thing to do”. Perhaps America’s sense for bold flavor innovation is what inspired Nissin to mix sweet breakfast meats with savory noodles.

The broth for the noodles is rich and smokey, in the style of pot-au-feu, flavored with black pepper. You can pair it with the high-quality package of maple syrup that comes included, for a garnish of extra sweetness! The noodles are accompanied not only by bacon but scrambled egg, cabbage and red peppers, making for a hearty dose of decadence that might just turn into an addiction.

▼ Here you can see even more of the cool packaging

This isn’t the first time Nissin Cup Ramen have dabbled in the realms of fusion cuisine. Last year saw the noodles nestled amongst pizza and potato, and this summer we were treated to ramen flavored like a fast food kids’ menu. The maple bacon sounds much more appetizing than other offerings we’ve seen from rival companies this year, so go out and grab a cup if you can find one!

Source: Entabe
Featured image: Twitter/@lunayoshi_