Enjoy Snoopy’s classic cuteness with some traditional Japanese tastes and trinkets.

There’s one place all die-hard Snoopy fanatics owe it to themselves to visit on a trip to Japan, and that’s Snoopy Chaya (Tea House) Yufuin in Oita Prefecture. A gorgeous, classy space with a menu patterned after Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the Peanuts crew, the tea house stays ahead of other pop-up-themed cafés with its carefully curated menu and locally sourced ingredients. The tea house changed locations recently, but good news! It’s set to open anew on December 10, with a Peanuts-packed plethora of platters to purchase.

Naturally, changing locations is a great excuse to jazz up the menu and goods offerings too. Snoopy Chaya Yufuin has a lineup of mouthwatering goodies for incoming clientele, starting with the Snoopy Bungo Chicken Tempura plate. Tender, succulent chicken is fried in a crispy tempura batter and presented alongside two hearty chicken-stewed rice balls and an assorted salad. Silhouettes of Snoopy and Woodstock adorn the plate, and they’re edible, too! It costs 1,078 yen (US$9.56).

▼ Bungo chickens are locally sourced from inside Oita Prefecture, so this chicken didn’t travel far to get to the table!

Also debuting this December are three types of Snoopy “Raw” Dorayaki, the sweet traditional pancake snack beloved by young and old alike. Choose between sweet pancakes stuffed with brown sugar warabimochi (350 yen), red bean paste and butter (350 yen), or strawberries (420 yen).

The merchandise has some new treats in store too. Two series of designs will be available, with the first being the Steamy Onsen Series. This gorgeous citrus-colored series pays homage to Yufuin’s reputation as a hot spring town by displaying Snoopy and the gang frolicking at the onsen.

▼ The tote bags (1,650 yen) and Japanese-style towels (880 yen) are handy for a trip to the actual hot springs, too.

The other design is the Wreath Pattern Series, which adorns Snoopy with flowery garlands. The bright cosmos flowers look especially fresh and pretty against the blue backdrop.

▼ Clear files, tote bags, badges, and more!

Perhaps most exciting is the fact that a Snoopy Chocolat branch will open alongside the tea house. The Yufuin branch is the fourth Snoopy Chocolat, and will offer exclusive pistachio-flavored chocolates in Snoopy’s image.

▼ A peek inside of Snoopy Chocolat.

Let’s take a look as some of those exclusive Snoopy sweets, shall we? First up is the Crunch Chocolate (1,760 yen) which incorporates diced pistachios and crispy fiantine crepe dough into the chocolate. It comes in a classy little box with an adorable design.

But there are also sticks of rolled pistachio chocolate (1,080 yen) or tins of nuts coated in pistachio-flavored white chocolate (990 yen). Pistachio fans are in serious luck!

▼ The cute pale green color looks fresh and alluring.

▼ The case for the rolled chocolate uses some classic Peanuts panels!

On opening day, anyone who spends 3,000 yen or more at the Snoopy Chocolat store will receive a free clear file, as long as stocks last. While themed cafés and even Peanuts-themed snacks are nothing new in Japan, it’s rare that an American classic character like Snoopy is treated with this level of detail and high quality—not to mention, the food itself looks irresistibly tasty even without Snoopy’s paw mark of approval.

Location information
Snoopy Tea Room Yufuin and Snoopy Chocolat Yufuin / SNOOPY茶屋 由布院店 & SNOOPY Chocolat 由布院店
Address: Oita-ken, Yufu-shi, Yufuin-cho, Kawakami, 1540-2
Open 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Source: PR Times via Netlab
Images: PR Times

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