Two new doughnuts so good we never want them to leave.

On 29 January, Godiva and Mister Donut added two more chocolatey additions to their first-ever collaborative range, with a doughnut duo dubbed the “Premium Heart Collection“.

▼ Mister Donut’s packaging has taken on chocolate hues in honour of this collaboration.

The four items in the first instalment, released on 11 January, elevated chocolate doughnuts to all-new plateaus of deliciousness, so we had high hopes for these two when we purchased them for a taste test.

The first heart-shaped doughnut is a very pink affair, hinting at the strawberry ingredients alluded to in its name: the Heart Chocolat Fraise.

The big drawcard for these new doughnuts is the newly developed premium chocolate dough that’s said to melt in the mouth, and within each heart are the most decadent fillings we’ve ever seen.

▼ A chocolate lover’s dream.

Between the chocolate doughnut layers is a generous serving of whipped chocolate cream, topped with a square of Godiva chocolate.

▼ Hidden beneath it all is a dollop of…strawberry jam!

Biting into the heart delivered mouthfuls of strawberry chocolate flavour, with just the right amount of each to create a fruity sweetness on the palate. The crunchy strawberry bits on the outside of the doughnut added a fun textural contrast, with the chocolate icing working to lift the rich and decadent flavours, leaving a refreshing aftertaste.

▼ Time to move on to the Heart Chocolat.

Peering around to the underside of this doughnut revealed that the dough contained a good measure of chocolate throughout.

Peeling the top and bottom halves apart made us smile in delight, as the rich cream centres were beautifully shaped like hearts!

A side view reveals there’s no skimping on the fillings here, with bitter ganache, praline whipped cream, and chocolate inside.

This heart delivered a strong chocolate taste throughout, with the candied almonds on top of the doughnut providing a satisfying crunch that contrasted well with the chewy dough and smooth cream. It was so good we immediately fell head over heels for it, and we’re now dreaming of our next rendezvous with both these doughnuts while they’re on the menu until late February.

The Heart Chocolat and the Heart Chocolat Fraise tasted like they cost way more than the 345 yen (US$2.34) we paid for each of them, and they’re well worth the calories. We can’t think of a better sweet to fall in love with this Valentine’s Day!

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