In Japan, children and adults alike are achieving amazing things.

Do you remember when your teachers would urge you to break a world record during your school days? No? Just me? Oh well. Either way, The Guinness Book of World Records is a household name that you’ve no doubt heard of.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Guinness World Records Day, The Guinness World Book gave a shout out to records broken and not yet broken. As you’ve probably deduced from the title, Japan was on the receiving end of the spotlight a couple of times.

On November 14, the spotlight was on a group of 188 Japanese elementary school children at Dai-2 Tsukishima Elementary School in Tokyo, whose collective skills helped them break the world record for the most consecutive double jumps with jump ropes.

▼ Here’s a short video that The Guinness Book released about their journey.

They pulled this off with the help of pro jump roper Hijiki Ikuyama, who has been coaching them in the art of the double jump since summer break. His careful instruction and determination led the school to succeed in their goal and gain world fame.

▼ The moment they realize they’ve broken the record? Priceless.

The Guinness Book also gave a shout out to a record that we’re not sure is going to be broken quite yet (but we’re dying to know the results next year). Samurai Project Japan, also known as Red Samurai, is setting out on the world’s longest journey by kick scooter.

▼ Here’s a bit about how he’s preparing for his journey to introduce Japan to the world.

He will begin his journey in Japan’s northern Hokkaido region during the summer and make his way down to the southernmost tip in Okinawa (hopefully with an airplane or boat ride or two in between, seeing as Japan is an island nation). The journey is largely being funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

▼ Would a bicycle journey be simpler? Probably. Would it break a world record? No.

Red Samurai received a shout out because The Guinness Book has announced this year’s theme to be “Spirit of Adventure“, supporting long-distance and creative adventurers throughout the world. If you want to follow his journey, find him on Instagram! We hope he can break the record.

Sources and images: YouTube/Guinness World Records via PR Times