Get the inside scoop on Anna’s bittersweet dish!

If you’ve been following our latest Frozen II news, you’ll know that OH MY CAFE! is offering special Frozen II-inspired menu items until February at several locations throughout Japan. As diehard Frozen fans ourselves, we just had to get down to the Tokyo location and try it out.

Our Japanese-language reporter Momo Momomura made her way down to the Omotesando location. Right away, you can see that the cafe went all-out, decorating the entire outer wall in Frozen II style.

The first thing you see at the reception desk is a life-size statue of Anna (that you can take pictures of!). Momo is about 5 feet and 2 inches tall, but Anna was a bit taller than her – maybe around 5 feet and 4 inches? How would you measure up to her?

When you enter the actual cafe, you can probably guess who else is awaiting you in life-size statue form: Elsa.

But since Frozen II is mainly from Anna’s perspective, most of the decorations and themes are based around her, like the autumn leaves that symbolize her. A preview of the movie is also projected onto one of the walls.

Of course, we were most interested in the food they had to offer. Each dish was made to represent one of the main characters in the film, and it was clear they made an effort to represent everyone.

However, Anna’s painful memories of her ex-boyfriend are concealed in one of the plates. Maybe you’ve already guessed which one it is? If not, we’ll give you some more time to figure it out while we explain the other character plates.

Olaf’s dish is a meatball plate that comes with salad, potatoes, rice that’s shaped like Olaf, and Norwegian kjøttkaker-style meatballs that are covered in a cream sauce to represent snowballs.

They’re meant to be eaten with the included jam, which may sound like a weird combination, but it was actually delicious!

Elsa’s plate featured a muffin sandwich and mushroom cream “soup pasta.” Most of the plate is light in color to represent the character’s symbolic ice.

Anna’s plate is a sandwich and tomato soup set. If you’re well-versed in both Frozen and Frozen II, you’ll immediately recall the part in “Love is an Open Door” where Anna and Hans talk about finishing each other’s sandwiches.

(Spoiler alert?) As many of you know by now, Hans turned out to not be such a great boyfriend, which is probably why the plate also includes a mini-likeness of Anna looking particularly grumpy.

By the way, the sandwiches include chicken and vegetables encompassed in delicious, melty cheese. Bittersweet memories are delicious.

As we mentioned in our previous Frozen II cafe article, you can reserve ahead of time for an additional 715 yen (US$6.55) fee, which also includes one of four free lunch mats.

And don’t forget to check out the gift shop for exclusive Frozen II goods!

If you have plans to come to Japan before February 2, don’t miss out on the rare opportunity for you and your stomach to enjoy Frozen II to the fullest (pun intended)!

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