This survival game hobbyist is wondering where else he’s supposed to hang his clothes to dry.

If someone were to ask me, “Do you like survival games?” I would probably respond enthusiastically about Konami’s late Silent Hill series.

But in Japan sabage, or survival games, are only tangentially related to video games. Instead they’re real life re-enactments of war zones where players split into teams and shoot each other with Airsoft rifles. You know, for fun!

▼ Survival games are popular all over the world.

One survival game enthusiast is Twitter user @miyasitaaa, who regularly posts snaps of himself in his BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) toting Airsoft rifles. Unfortunately, his neighbors turned out to be much less passionate fans of his military gear.

▼ (Translation below)

“The doorbell rang and when I went to answer it I met a pair of extremely intense women. I got a scolding: ‘You are hanging something out to dry on the balcony that would be harmful to children if they saw it. We’d like you to stop.’
They didn’t specify what it was, but it had to be my BDU.
Is it really that harmful for kids to just look at camouflage gear?
Well, that’s that. Guess I’ll have to find somewhere else to hang my stuff.”

He also helpfully included a shot of the women in question, as well as the offending garment nestled guiltily among his other clothes.

It’s true that anti-war sentiment is very strong in Japan, with figures such as Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki taking strong pacifistic stances. Insisting that the uniform itself is inappropriate for children seems misdirected at best, though, especially considering that army-inspired styles are a common fixture in fashion.

The commenters, many of whom are survival gamers themselves, were especially candid in their responses.

“Sorry to comment when I don’t follow you, but how about you hang up something like this from tomorrow on?”

“Hang this on the inside of your window. All the comments will stop.”

Multiple comments also asked why the women were staring at @miyasitaaa’s drying laundry with such scrutiny in the first place. Isn’t that even more suspicious?

Good thing @miyasitaaa didn’t have anything more scandalous pegged up on the line.

Source: Twitter/@miyasitaaa via My Game News Flash
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert image: Wikimedia Commons/Savushka

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