Japanese police hide at shrine in camo gear to catch a thief…who stole six bucks 【Video】

Elaborate sting operation lasts over four hours, ends with an officer tripping over and another one appearing from the bushes in a full-on Ghillie suit.

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Neighbors berate Japanese homeowner for hanging up camo clothes where kids can see

This survival game hobbyist is wondering where else he’s supposed to hang his clothes to dry.

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Feline affinity test! Can you see the kitty hiding in plain sight on this Japanese home’s floor?

Wait, do cats come with optic camouflage now?

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Mr. Sato gets his bush trimmed at a fancy Tokyo hair salon【Photos】

”I have a good reason for doing this,” our reporter insisted as he stepped out the door wearing his camouflage foliage suit.

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Ninja cats blend into their surroundings in photos on Japanese Twitter 【Pics】

These guys have perfected the art of cat cloaking.

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Chinese artist blends into background with chameleon-like ease 【Photos】

Have you ever had one of those moments where you wish you could just disappear and the let the world pass by? Like Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility, Chinese artist Liu Bolin has perfected the art of being unseen. Liu uses his chameleon-like skills (and a great deal of paint) to make himself barely noticeable even in some of the world’s busiest cities. Get ready to test your eyesight and take a look at 38 pictures of Liu hiding in plain sight!

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Urban Soldier: Mr. Sato Dons Camo for a Call of Duty-Inspired Coffee Dash

It came as an enormous shock to the entire team to hear that the legend that is Mr. Sato rarely visited Starbucks coffee houses.

Surrounded by the well-dressed, coffee sipping elite and with fancy lingo like “tall” and “grande” being thrown around, our reporter felt completely out of his depth at Starbucks and rarely dared to set foot inside even to grab a quick take-out coffee.

But after playing a lot of Black Ops 2 on the new office Wii U, a brilliant idea came to us…

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