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Neighbors berate Japanese homeowner for hanging up camo clothes where kids can see

This survival game hobbyist is wondering where else he’s supposed to hang his clothes to dry.

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Cute Japanese girls with guns will steal your heart, put a cap in it

I think the title of this post should be pretty self explanatory, but in the interest of full disclosure these girls aren’t, as far as we know, actually real military personnel, nor are they members of some kind of guerrilla insurgency. These photos come from a magazine dedicated to ‘survival game fashion’. But hey, the guns look real enough and the girls are hot, so who cares about technicalities?

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Survival Game: Japanese hobbyists fall in love with shooting each other

After a long, frustrating day of work, there’s nothing better than plopping down in front of your computer or TV and shooting the ever-loving poop out of digitized bad guys. This is, obviously, just an opinion, but it is a common opinion–global video game sales for GTA V, Call of Duty, and Battlefield would certainly seem to support this. But, you know, as much fun as video games are, they’re not exactly great exercise, are they?

And that’s fine, of course! Not every single thing we do everyday has to be healthy. But maybe you’re starting to notice a little pudge around your edges (like me) and are trying to think of the least painful way to get some exercise.

Sure, you could go for a jog, I guess. Or you could head down to Tokyo’s newest airsoft field and shoot some of your friends!

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