Please let this be the meaning behind McDonald’s rice cravings.

McDonald’s is the biggest burger chain on the planet, and it didn’t get that way by misunderstanding the basic premise of fast food. Customers want to eat hamburgers, and so McDonald’s makes them.

So it’s a little unusual for McDonald’ itself to announce what it’s craving, but that’s just what the chain recently did with this tweet from the official McDonald’s Japan Twitter account.

▼ “Ahh, I want to eat rice…”

But if McDonald’s is going to follow through on this and start cooking rice, obviously it’s going to be as part of a new item being added to the menu. So what’s the new dining option going to be? Many commenters are expecting some sort of “rice burger,” with the buns replaced by discs of lightly toasted rice. Rival chain Mos Burger, as a matter of fact, has had rice burgers as a regular part of its menu for years.

▼ Mos Burger rice burger

But while rice burgers are tasty enough, there’s a more mouthwatering theory being proposed by some commenters: that McDonald’s is planning to start serving Japanese-style curry rice!

There’s even precedent for Mc-curry, as McDonald’s Japan sold chicken rice with chicken, beef, or katsu (breaded pork cutlet) for a limited time back in the early ‘90s.

▼ The commercial for McDonald’s Japan curry, naturally, included a giant singing robot.

McDonald’s Japan has yet to follow-up on its mysterious tweet, but our stomachs will be waiting wither way, especially since we haven’t picked up a curry rice maker kitchen appliance yet.

Source: Twitter/@McDonaldsJapan via Kinisoku
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Insert image: Mos Burger
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