Naomi Watanabe

Naomi Watanabe shares her beauty secrets in hilariously down-to-earth makeup tutorial 【Video】

The comedian known as “Japan’s Beyonce” reveals embarrassing details we can all relate to in her debut video for Vogue.

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Naomi Watanabe models new Sailor Moon plus-size clothing range in Japan 【Photos】

The popular Japanese comedienne proves you don’t have to be petite to be a pretty Sailor Moon warrior.

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Plus-sized Naomi Watanabe is Japanese netizens’ latest fashion inspiration

Naomi Watanabe is the comedian-turned-model and fashion designer largely responsible for Japan’s pocchari, or chubby, trend which is still going strong, and paving the way for large and lovely girls nationwide, from idol group la BIG 3 to the more recent Shangrila maid cafe.

Now, Watanabe is making waves across Japanese social media for her fashion-forward hair.

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