The popular Japanese comedienne proves you don’t have to be petite to be a pretty Sailor Moon warrior.

In a society where beauty is synonymous with slim physiques, Japanese comedienne Naomi Watanabe is happy to stand out from the crowd. After rising to fame in 2008, when she became known as “the Japanese Beyoncé” following her energetic Beyoncé Knowles dance impersonations, Watanabe went on to perform shows overseas, and quickly became a body-positive spokeswoman for plus-size women everywhere, even establishing her own plus-size label, PUNYUS.

Now Watanabe’s star is continuing to burn bright, with her clothing label attracting the attention of one of the anime world’s most well-known franchises: Sailor Moon. The new Punyus Sailor Moon collaboration has been incredibly popular since it went on sale from 28 April in Japan, with everything from T-shirts to sailor suit schoolgirl costumes included in the collection.

Let’s take a look at some of the adorable pieces in the 14-piece range below, as modelled on the gorgeous Watanabe herself.

First up, we have selection of gingham-checked rompers, which retail for 8,629 yen (US$76.13) each and come in pink, red, blue, dark green and yellow. The five different colours represent Sailors Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus respectively, with each character appearing on the left breast of their corresponding outfit.

Next up is another romper design for 8,629 yen, with this one available in pink (Sailor Moon), light green (Sailor Jupiter) or pale blue (Sailor Mercury), each featuring a print in honour of its corresponding character.

▼ Then there’s the Luna One-point Border High-necked T-shirt, available in six colours for 4,309 yen.

▼ The Luna One-point Border Dress, also available in six colours for 5,389 yen.

▼ The Sailor Moon Pretty Warriors Chiffon Skirt (in pink, green or blue) for 6,469 yen.

The Sailor Moon All-over Pattern Shirt (7,549 yen) comes in white or pink, and features all five of the inner Senshi in its design.

The most coveted piece in the collection is the Sailor Moon Uniform Dress, which retails for 9,709 yen.

▼ The uniform is also available in blue.

Given the immense popularity of Watanabe, Punyus and Sailor Moon in Japan, this winning trifecta means the items in the collection won’t be around for long. To see the rest of the collection and make an order for delivery within Japan, head on over to the official online store for more details. Alternatively, if you’re outside of Japan, you might want to look into using an international forwarding service like Tenso to help you get your hands on one of these sought-after items!

Featured image: Punyus 
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