Are you ready for this jelly?

ASMR videos of people speaking softly, slowly, and/or recording highly detailed sounds are extremely popular online. While some find them revolting, others find them soothing, and many are just left slightly confused by it all.

And now, to add another layer of ear wax to the confusing category, the official Japanese Pokémon Kids TV YouTube channel recently pout out an ASMR video of… Grimer “walking.”

▼ It has to be seen to be believed.

Grimer is an interesting choice for a video, considering it’s the oft-forgotten Pokémon between Seel and Shellder. However, its poisonous, gelatinous body does make for some unique sounds.

We definitely recommend watching the video for the full aural experience, but here’s some highlights from it:

▼ Grimer starts off by flopping down a staircase, resulting in something like a peanut-butter slinky.

▼ Then it traverses over a field of eggs, turning into what could be describing as golf balls swirling in a stream of sewage.

▼ Next it gets shaken up by a vibrating floor, like churning thick, poisonous butter.

▼ And finally, Grimer goes on a smooth, echoing adventure through its favorite location: pipes.

The video then repeats, showing all of the sounds one more time, until it slowly fades to black and a silent image of Pikachu and Pichu encourage you to subscribe.

While it’s definitely an odd decision for video content on a Pokémon channel for kids, the Grimer ASMR is fun. I know when I was a kid, I loved making weird sounds with Silly Putty and Gak, and this would’ve been right up my alley too.

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted:

“Um, excuse me what?”
“The video’s title says ‘Walking Grimer’ but I don’t think ‘walking’ is what it’s doing.”
“We’re living in 2020, but whoever came up with this video is living in 3020.”
“Well this is bound to awaken something in some of its viewers.”

If you’re one of those such viewers, then good news! The YouTube channel has also released ASMR videos of Charmander and Chespin too, so you can enjoy a campfire with your little lizard friend, or a snack with your leafy-otter pal.

Source: YouTube/Pokémon Kids TV via My Game News Flash
Images: YouTube/Pokémon Kids TV
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