Limited-edition collection captures the beauty of petals on the spring breeze.

After revealing their long-awaited Sakura Chilled Cup and Frappuccino for this year’s cherry blossom season, Starbucks Japan is following up with the exciting news that their annual sakura drinkware range is well on its way, and this year we have some very special items to look forward to.

The first collection is called “Spring Breeze“, and is styled to pay homage to “the sakura petals that fly on the gentle breeze of spring, bringing warm days and hope”.

Let’s take a look at the entire range (left to right) in the image below.

Stainless Steel Mug (2,800 yen [US$25.48]), Breeze Beverage Card (620 yen), Sakura Shaped Mug (2,100 yen), Sakura Breeze Mini Beverage Card (620 yen), Flower Charm Tumbler (2,100 yen), Stainless Steel Logo Bottle Gradation (4,100 yen), Stainless Create Your Own Tumbler (2,900 yen), Stainless To Go Logo Tumbler (3,700 yen), Stainless Steel Bottle (4,500 yen), Handy Stainless Steel Bottle Petal (4,300 yen), Strap Cup Shape Stainless Steel Bottle (4,000 yen) Breeze Bottle (2,100 yen), Sunny Bottle (2,300 yen), Portable Picnic Mat (2,500 yen), Sakura Shaped Heat Resistant Glass Mug (2,200 yen), Breeze Mug (2,000 yen), Petal Beverage Card (620 yen)

This year, Starbucks is adding an additional item to their Japan-exclusive sakura-branded drinkware collection, which aims to help the company and its customers reduce plastic waste.

▼ This reusable cup marks a new era for Starbucks’ approach to sustainability during sakura season.

The reusable cup can be purchased on its own for 350 yen, or in a set of five with a carry bag for 2,800 yen — perfect for hanami picnics with friends underneath the cherry blossoms.

All the above items go on sale at Starbucks locations around Japan from 15 February, except for the single reusable cup, which will be available from 19 February.

As always, the sakura collection looks set to sell out as soon as it goes on sale, along with the new sakura drinkware range from Tokyo’s Starbucks Reserve Roastery, which also goes on sale from 15 February.

Source, images: Starbucks Japan Press Release
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