In quarantine, every hour is wine and dine. Make do with a new hobby before losing your sanity!

As multiple countries hit their first or second month of self-isolation, Japan is just starting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s recent nationwide state-of-emergency announcement. While not everyone has been following social distancing rules, for those who are, the mind-numbing boredom can be enough to crush your spirit. However, for one Japanese netizen, social isolation has led to them showing off Gundam models built within leftover alcohol bottles.

Japanese Twitter user Risshi (@rishima343) has been broadcasting their love for Gundam by showcasing their humble collection. While this particular user has been building Gundam models in alcohol bottles since way before the COVID-19 outbreak, their tenacity and dedication is truly impressive whether you’re an actual Gundam stan or if you only know the name of this popular mecha franchise.

“#Show off your Gundams cause of social distancing, #BottleGundam”

Japanese Twitter users were quick to show their awe and appreciation of Risshi’s works. Here are a few choice responses: 

“Wow, no matter how many times I keep looking at this, all I can think about is how awesome this is!”
“Instead of War in the Pocket, it’s “War in the Bottle. [War in the Pocket is the Gundam franchise’s first-ever OVA series.]”
“The craftsmanship really reminds me of those vintage ship-in-a-bottle art pieces!”

Like many of these Twitter users, we have to wonder: how exactly does Risshi manage to construct these Gundam models in such a tight space? Luckily for us, they have posted snippets of the process on their Twitter and YouTube channel, especially for the construction of the famed Gundam Wing Zero model. In their Tweets and videos, we can see that Risshi uses what seems to be a narrow bar covered in double-sided tape to navigate the model’s parts within the bottle.

“First up is the wing ♪.”

▼ It’s… it’s alive! Fans and curious folks can watch every step of the building process for this particular model through their YouTube channel.

The final product is the iconic Gundam Wing Zero model from the Gundam Wing Endless Waltz OVA in a Jack Daniel’s bottle. In the left bottle, there also seems to be miniature figurines of Gundam Wing protagonists Heero and Relena standing below another model.

▼ A close-up Twitter video shows what seems to be a transparent material scattered on top of the Gundam Wing Zero model, most likely imitating snow from the wintry setting of  Endless Waltz.

Risshi also took the liberty of showing off their fridge. Unsurprisingly, the fridge is stocked with paint material for his models as well as a plentiful helping of booze.

▼ Ah yes, life’s greatest equalizer, alcohol.

While many Japanese folks in quarantine feel they can only last at most a week in the house, it’s fair to say that Risshi will be good for a while with their stock of Gundam model paints and Corona beer. And who knows, maybe their next venture into Gundam model-making will use different mediums, such as cardboard.

Source: Twitter/@rishima343 via Jin
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