Mobile Suit Gundam

Gorgeous gold Gundams are good-God expensive【Photos】

For the discerning, deep-pocketed fan who wants to go from Gunpla to Gungold.

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Live-action U.S.-produced Gundam movie is coming to Netflix

Anime mecha saga leaping to live-action in tie-up with streaming giant, Chinese theatrical release also planned.

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Full-size moving Gundam statue in Japan shows off more moves in new videos【Videos】

Anime mobile suit in Yokohama looks to be fully operational.

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Even Gundam not immune to coronavirus as pandemic cancels moving life-size statue’s preview event

Sorry, Gundam won’t be seeing you this summer.

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In these non-sober quarantine days, use your leftover alcohol bottles for Gundam models【Pics】

In quarantine, every hour is wine and dine. Make do with a new hobby before losing your sanity!

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Japanese fans pick their top 10 fave dastardly anime protagonists in online poll

Japan’s netizens club together to crown fictional stars who are flies in your soup, pebbles in your shoes, peas beneath your bed, or just plain evil!

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Moving life-size Gundam statue’s debut date, new home in Japan announced【Video】

After leaving Tokyo, the original life-size Gundam is establishing a new base in another major Japanese city.

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Japan’s Yodobashi Camera store celebrates New Year 2020 by rolling out a huge cardboard Gundam

Start 2020 out right, by picking up your Gundam Gunpla sets from a gigantic RX-75 Guntank.

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This huge, detailed Gundam sculpture was built out of cardboard by Japanese high school students

You may have seen some Gundam models, but I bet you’ve never seen one like this!

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New 40th Anniversary Mobile Suit Gundam eyeglasses are both stylish and nerdy, make great gifts

Use these mobile suit-inspired glasses to rep your favorite franchise in an understated way.

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Japan to release Gundam and Char’s Zaku into space to orbit Earth, ahead of Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Launch will celebrate the anime’s anniversary and look forward to the 2020 Olympics!

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Popular coffee brand and Mobile Suit Gundam team up to make limited edition Gundam can designs

Collect all 25 cans featuring mechas from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series!

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Kyoto University’s “Professor Orita” statue’s latest update: Orga Itsuka from the Gundam anime

This strange tradition sees a a founding professor’s statue vandalized every year, and now we get Iron Blooded Orphans action!

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Drink your tea in style with the new Zaku mobile suit-shaped heavy iron teapot

Not a fan of floral teapots? Well then, this is for you.

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Awesome fan-made stop-motion video using Gundam models is a Gundam fan’s dream come true 【Videos】

The scene is an exact reenactment of the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime, complete with CG special effects.

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Japanese anime voice actor touched by fan’s incredibly selfless gift at Animate store

This touching story brings a whole new meaning to the term “fan service“.

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Gundam portable shrine appears at local Japanese festival【Photos】

Another festival season and summer is coming to an end. The dragonflies are out and the days are getting shorter, which means fall will soon be upon us.

But before the fireworks fizzle away and the festival food stalls have packed up for good this year, one area in Japan decided to go out with a bang and surprise festival-goers with superb portable shrine, or mikoshi, recreations of some of Japan’s most popular characters, including one famous red mobile suit from the anime classic Gundam.

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Prepare to feel old: survey says over half of 20-somethings “don’t know Gundam”

It’s amazing how memory fades over time. Trying to recollect my favorite childhood programs is often a foggy mess. For example, I remember one cartoon where the good guys drove robot cars with arms and the bad guys were these weird plant cars. For the life of me I can’t remember the name of that show in spite of the deep-rooted hatred of trees and vegetables it instilled in me.

Shows like that were great but as they say, the true classics are the ones that stand the test of time. Surely Gundam, arguably the most famous giant robot anime, is among that class, right? Magazine R25 suggests it might not be. Despite Mobile Suit Gundam’s long legacy of series, R25 claims that 51 percent of Japanese men in their twenties who were surveyed said they “do not know Gundam.” Read More

Mobile Suit Gundam writer Yamamoto helms original anime project

A private organization called “GDW Project” opened Twitter account and a Facebook page on Thursday introducing an original anime project from scriptwriter Yu Yamamoto (Mobile Suit Gundam). The anime is related to the J9 anime trilogy, which aired in the early 80’s, and is titled Ginga Jinpū Jinraiger.

The original J9 trilogy included Ginga Senpū Braiger (1981-1982), Ginga Reppū Baxingar (1982-1983), and Ginga Shippū Sasuraiger (1983-1984). Enoki Films licensed the series in English as Cosmo Ranger, Cosmo Runner, and Wonder Six, respectively. Yamamoto wrote the original story for all three.

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