Luckily, Lunch Pack takes their botany very seriously and corrected the mistake.

Lunch Pack is a widely sold and well-known packaged snack in Japan. Found in many convenience stores and supermarkets, they’re essentially sandwiches with the edges sealed and containing a wide range of rotating fillings both sweet and savory.

One common flavor is the Honey & Margarine pictured in the tweet below. Without reading the tweet itself, can you tell what’s wrong with the picture?

▼ Package: “Lunch Pack Honey & Margarine made with Acacia Honey”

By now, surely everyone reading this is thinking, “Well duh, the species of acacia in the illustration, acacia dealbata, blooms in the winter and therefore hasn’t sufficient nectar for bees to make honey with.”

▼ Acacia dealbata

Image: Wikipedia/Alberto Salguero Quiles

And everyone would be right, but it was the brother of the Twitter user above (@kuro_kamo), who happens to be an apiarist (beekeeper), that pointed the mistake out to the makers of Lunch Pack, Yamazaki Baking Company.

He contacted Yamazaki by telephone and they responded the following day, thanking him for pointing out the error. The day after that, he also received a package containing various Yamazaki products and a thank you letter.

Other Twitter users were impressed with the keen eye of the beekeeper, but more so by the prompt response of Yamazaki.

“I’m really glad that the company takes customer calls seriously and investigates them.”
“It takes a big company to admit that they’re wrong.”
“Yamazaki’s stock just went way up in my heart.”
“That’s a constructive complaint.”
“They are clearly concerned with all the details of their products. I like that.”

Also, the “acacia honey” that these sandwiches technically isn’t from an acacia flower at all. Rather it comes from the flowers of the black locust tree which is also known as the “false acacia” due to its resemblance to acacia trees such as the one that produces the flowers mistakenly drawn above.

▼ False acacia flowers are white instead of yellow, but the tree is in the same family (fabaceae) as acacia dealbata

Image: Wikipedia/Rasbak

And wouldn’t you know it? Just a couple weeks after the initial exchange between the apiarist and Yamazaki, the company went ahead and completely revamped the package to depict the correct flower.

“They changed the flowers! lol”

So to recap; after hearing about a minor detail in their packaging noticeable only to people with in-depth knowledge of botany, this company issued thanks and rewarded the customer who pointed it out, then had a new illustration made and redesigned their package with it, all in the span of about two weeks.

It’s also worth noting that this is all in the midst of a major pandemic, when a failure to respond to problems such as this in a timely manner – or at all – would be perfectly understandable.

We occasionally report on companies that go above and beyond with their customer service and pride in their products, and Yamazaki can certainly be considered among their ranks. So, be sure to grab a Lunch Pack the next chance you get! Especially if you can find the salty vanilla ones, because those ones are out-of-this-world good.

Source: Twitter/@kuro_kamo, J-Town Net
Top image: ©SoraNews24
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