Whether you’re into origami, scrapbooking or decorating, these Japanese papers will bring the magic of Studio Ghibli to all your favourite projects.

Chiyogami (lit. a thousand generations paper) refers to a type of washi traditional Japanese paper featuring brightly coloured, repeating patterns. Traditionally used as gift wrapping and to craft paper objects like dolls, these days the beautiful sheets are more commonly used to bring a splash of colour to craft projects and origami designs.

Now, a new series of square-shaped washi chiyogami paper packs have been released for fans of the Studio Ghibli movie My Neighbour Totoro, each divided into four different seasons, with five designs in each bundle showing a number of uniquely Japanese seasonal events and activities.

Let’s take a look at what Totoro and his friends get up tp at different times of the year in Japan!

▼ The spring pack is filled with flowers, including some pretty pink sakura cherry blossoms, which bring a huge smile to Totoro’s face.


▼ Whether it’s a field of clovers, blossoming acacias or gorgeous plum flowers, Totoro and his little friends love them all.



▼ Summer includes Totoro and his tiny friends enjoying a shower during the June rainy season, when ajisai, or hydrangeas, bloom around Japan.


▼ Other Japanese symbols of the season include uchiwa fans with images of the characters enjoying summer events and activities…


▼ … and the catbus cooling off in a stream while Totoro takes to the skies with a pretty display of summer fireworks.


▼ The autumn set brings out some pretty fall colours with mushrooms and acorns.



▼ The small, medium and large-sized Totoro characters look absolutely adorable as they run around, enjoying the season together.


▼ The winter set includes Totoro and his chums enjoying the red and white camellia flowers, which blossom in Japan during the colder months.


▼ There’s also snowflakes…


▼ Along with some koma-mawashi spinning tops, which are commonly played during the New Year (left) and some traditional Japanese New Year decorations (right).


Each of the 15-centimetre-square (5.9-inch) packs retails for 540 yen plus postage, and can be purchased from Amazon Japan for local delivery. Happy wrapping!

Source: Japaaan
Images: Amazon Japan/Ensky (1, 2, 3, 4) (edited by RocketNews24)