Four things you should order at rotating sushi restaurant Sushiro if you don’t eat raw fish

We asked a kaiten-zushi superfan, and they didn’t disappoint!

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How to make your own moving conveyor belt sushi shop at home

Miss going out to eat? Bring the fun home with the help of some takeout and toy trains.

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Survey reveals the top 10 worst behaviors to have while on a conveyor-belt sushi date

Listen up, sushi romantics–the following types of misconduct at a revolving sushi restaurant will probably cost you a second date.   

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Our sushi expert picks three toppings that will remind you what “first love” feels like

Who knew love could taste like raw fish and crab guts?

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Let’s go to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant — to enjoy delectable desserts!

Conveyor-belt sushi, or kaiten-zushi, as it’s called in Japan, is a popular and casual way to enjoy both traditional and not so traditional sushi. Unlike some of the upscale sushi establishments, you know exactly how much you’re paying for each plate, and you can choose from a wide and fun range of sushi, some of them even involving tempura or grilled meat. Recently, though, more and more people seem to be going to kaiten-zushi not just for unique sushi, but to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Yes, according to a recent post on information compilation site Naver Matome, desserts are increasingly becoming the big attraction for diners going to conveyor-belt sushi restaurants, and we have to agree, the sweets do look seriously tantalizing. So, why don’t you join us for a look at the treats available at some of the popular kaiten-zushi chains in Japan? They certainly aren’t what you would expect as a typical item on a sushi restaurant menu!

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