Spoiler: it doesn’t taste like denim.

Latte art is nothing new, but over the last few years it’s become pretty impressive, with some cafes nowadays making personalised 2-D latte art by just looking at a quick picture on your smartphone. More and more companies are jumping on the latte art train, with Pokemon latte art last year. The latest company to start making their own latte art might surprise you though, as it is a company that isn’t even associated with coffee at all.

GAP opened the world’s first-ever GAP cafe in Shinjuku’s FLAGS building earlier this month and, like many other people, we were curious as to what would be on offer. A cappuccino with grounded denim powder on the top? A frappe with a side of a comfortable yet stylish sweater? We were keen to find out of course, so we needed someone who loves both drinking coffee and whose finger is always on the pulse of the latest fashion; who else springs to mind but our very own fashion forward Mr. Sato?

As Mr. Sato approached the cafe, he could see that half of the shop was a regular GAP selling clothes, but half of it was a full-on cafe. The items on sale also looked pretty intruiging; as well as coffee, it seemed like the GAP cafe also sells donuts.

As you can see, there’s a variety of coffee on sale at the GAP cafe. If you look closely, you can see a particularly intruiging drink called the “Denim Blue Berries” Babyccino, but as someone who appreciates cute things, Mr. Sato was more interested in trying out the latte art. What kind of latte art could you get on a GAP latte, though? Latte art usually uses sepia tones; a stark contrast to GAP’s denim blue image.

There are eight different designs to choose from. For true GAP fans, you can get a cute Brannan Bear design, GAP’s mascot, but what did Mr. Sato choose?

Mr. Sato was charmed by the “1st GAP Store” design. What did it mean by the ‘1st GAP Store”? Well, for us readers it’s probably obvious, but…

Mr. Sato got a perfect recreation of the very first ever GAP store that was opened in San Francisco back in 1969. It seemed kind of fitting, seeing as he was enjoying the latte at the very first ever GAP cafe. Even though he was sat there in the middle of Tokyo, he could almost feel a warm American breeze gently blowing through the door.

But how would it hold up when Mr. Sato gave it a taste? Would he still feel that cool American breeze?

“Wow! It tastes just like the first ever GAP store in San Francisco!” Mr. Sato gasped with delight. What that means, though, we may never know, as while he is absolutely a man of culture, sadly Mr. Sato has never visited the GAP store in San Francisco, so he has absolutely no way of knowing what it tastes like.

If you’re someone who is familiar with the taste of the original GAP store or you just want to get your own GAP latte art, the GAP cafe is open seven days a week. You can also get anything you buy from the GAP store fully customised with either patches, prints or embroidery. Personalisation usually takes between 15-30 minutes, but can take up to an hour depending on how busy the store is. But hey, if you need to kill time whilst waiting, the Denim Blue Berries babyccino is waiting for you!

Store Information
GAP Shinjuku Flags / GAP 新宿FLAGS店
Address: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku, 3 Chome−37−1 1F/B1F Flags
東京都新宿区新宿3-37-1 新宿フラッグス 1F/B1F
Open: 11:00 – 22:00 daily

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