toy cars

No Face becomes…a car? Spirited Away anime character enters the Ghibli Tomica collection

This is perhaps the weirdest “car” of all.

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Studio Ghibli’s new Kiki’s Delivery Service Tomica makes us rethink toy cars

A surprising mode of transport. 

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Test your luck with one of six randomly selected 2023 Tomica lucky toy cars

Will it be a Ladybug Subaru 360, or a Rhinoceros Beetle UD Trucks Quon?

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Japanese cookie brand has a fun game for you to play while stuck at home: cookie racing!

Please note that they don’t recommend using the actual cookies.

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Eren and Levi drive Colossal Titan heads in Attack on Titan Takara Tomy cars

If you thought you’d seen all the weird and wonderful Attack on Titan collaborations on the market, you may want to think again because now Takara Tomy have jumped on the wagon with two special versions of their very popular and highly collectible Choro-Q toy cars.

These pullback-spring racer cars are known for their manga-inspired designs and cutely inaccurate proportions. However, this is the first time they’ve featured the likes of Levi and Eren. And just to add to the weird cuteness, they’re seated in the driver’s seat of an angry, disembodied Colossal Titan.

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