Japan turns the confectionery world on its head with stretchy mochi-covered chocolates

Japanese company reinvents chocolate by adding sakura and sticky rice to the mix.

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Trick or treat! These Tsum Tsum Trick Box Truffles are sure to tickle your Halloween spirit

These delicious-looking, chocolate-covered truffles come in some seriously cute Halloween-themed Tsum Tsum wrappers.

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American bourbon fans are furious about the sale of Jim Beam to a Japanese company

Nothing quite screams “USA! USA!” like a glass of Kentucky bourbon; it is “America’s only native spirit” after all. Maybe that’s why patriotic fans of the beverage have taken to the Twittersphere in protest of Japanese company, Suntory, purchasing Beam, Inc., the distillers of American classics, Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark. The $13.6 billion deal was announced on January 13 and was followed by a flurry of angry messages claiming the Illinois-based company had “sold out.” Let’s take a look at the angriest of the bunch.

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