Garigari-kun, engage!

Here at SoraNews24, we like to shine a spotlight on artistic talent we spot out there in the wilds of Japanese social media. One perennial favorite of ours is Twitter user @02ESyRaez4VhR2l, whose proclivity for catchy Twitter names is surpassed by his extreme talent for translating snack and candy packages into gorgeous feats of artwork.

We’ve already marveled at his takes on Pringles, Alfort and Moonlight cookie boxes, but as summer draws to an end it comes as little surprise that our beloved packaging professional chose the popular popsicle Garigari-kun as his latest canvas.

“I made this out of an empty Garigari-kun box!”

The resulting superhero sports a Sephiroth-esque mismatched wing situation, with his left wing formed from the titular ice candy and the right sprouting jagged icicles. In a ghoulish twist, Garigari-kun’s wide, grinning teeth form the marginal and secondary covers of his wings, which may be why his face is masked by a classy red mantle.

Longtime @02ESyRaez4VhR2l fans were delighted by this latest addition to the rogues’ gallery of creations. The most popular reply to the initial tweet brings the Garigari Warrior into a team-up with a previous sculpture, this one from a pack of cooling pads.

“Imagining their battle has my blood heating up…”

“Don’t you mean ‘blood running cold’?” joked another commenter.

Another commenter was inspired enough by this ice-cold assassin to draw their own fan art:

Yet more commenters drew comparisons to Evangelion (particularly Kaworu, known to sport similarly body-tight blue outfits and angel imagery) as well as Kamen Rider, Shaman King and a Bufudyne-casting Persona user…although I admit, the first comparison I drew was Mercy from Overwatch.

@02ESyRaez4VhR2l certainly has been busy since the last time we checked in on his work, with the packaging under his scalpel originating from hard caramel candy Chelsea:

The creme-filled chocolate cake, Moon Pie:

And these classy offerings from Chivas Regal scotch whisky, 88 percent Carrés de Chocolat and Hobal liquid-center chocolates.

Make sure to follow him on Twitter, and if you’re in Japan you can even pick up a book featuring his gorgeous work!

Still hankering for more epic craft displays? Look no further than fellow internet celebrity Mozu, who specializes in teeny-tiny dioramas; though if you’re hoping to see more papercraft people, you’d better check out the Hong Kong-based art collective Pepasweet.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@02ESyRaez4VhR2l
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