This Japanese paper craft artist takes used-up, everyday product packaging and turns it into beautiful art.

The Japanese art of kamikiri, or paper cutting, was originally performed before a live stage audience during the Edo period (160 –1868), but in these modern times, Twitter makes a great platform for showcasing the art. We last reported on Twitter papercrafter @02ESyRaez4VhR2l a while back when they posted some beautiful artwork on their Twitter page, made from a cookie box.

Since then, 02ESyRaez4VhR2l has been busy adding to their repertoire, with their latest effort being this gorgeous, multi-leveled traditional paper town crafted from empty Charlotte-brand chocolate boxes.

▼ “Made with empty Charlotte boxes!” 

The Charlotte boxes are a perfect option for this concept, since they feature gorgeous artwork of quaint European scenery.

▼ “This one used a shadow box-type technique, and needed 16 boxes, four of each colour, so it was fairly costly! Check out the photos of the other angles if you’d like!” 

But, while houses and buildings are already fairly box-like in structure, the artist also has a wide range when it comes to shapes. Check out the smooth curves on this classic car!

▼ “Made with empty Dinner Curry boxes!” 

And, they’re also pretty adept at creating animal character art, sometimes cartoonish in style…

▼ “Made with empty Chocoball boxes!” 

…and sometimes showcasing more ‘realistic’ fantasy animal shapes, like this ferocious winged lion!

▼ “Made with empty Ritz boxes!” 

And it’s not only snack packages that provide the raw materials for this artist. Humble tissue boxes are also upcycled into lovely art.

▼ “Made with empty Hana no Celeb [tissue] boxes!” 

And sometimes, the artist manages to retain the packaging’s original purpose, as in the case of this adorable tissue seal!

It dispenses tissues from its back! Cute AND functional!

The artist is also known for their Pringle Men series, which made a splash on Twitter with many a retweet and spawned countless iterations on the theme.

▼ “Made with empty Pringles tubes!”

The delicate detailing can be seen in this close-up of the shoes. That’s incredible! Just look at the tiny shoelaces!

And, lest we accuse anyone of being gender exclusionary, there’s also a sassy Pringles dame to be found among the moustachioed men!

The Pringle people series also drew the attention of the folks behind Pringles, who sent the artist a gift to show their appreciation of their art!

“I received an assortment from Pringles! Going to have to put these to good use making more!”

We’re looking forward to seeing what the artist comes up with next – it’s always exciting to see an artist grow their craft, especially when said craft is both intricate and inspiring – perhaps we should all be turning more of our garbage into cute/functional crafts! If you’ll excuse us, we’ll be rummaging through the SoraNews24 office’s trash cans to see what we can make out of empty instant ramen cups and scribbled ideas for articles… probably nothing anywhere near as amazing as this selection of awesome kamikiri artwork made from single post it notes, but everyone’s gotta start somewhere!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@02ESyRaez4VhR2l
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