Rental wedding dresses, tuxedos, and even Sailor Senshi gowns for bridesmaids all inspired by the manga/anime hit.

Yesterday we took a look at a beautiful Japanese marriage registration form featuring an illustration of Sailor Moon and the man of her dreams sharing a kiss as they vowed to love each other forever. That just begs the question, though: If you’re starting your married life with a Sailor Moon, what do you wear at the wedding?

A Sailor Moon wedding dress, of course!

Overseen by series creator Naoko Takeuchi herself, the Sailor Moon Wedding Dress Collection is a tie-up between the beloved manga/anime franchise and Tokyo-based bridal apparel provider Mariarosa. Rather than just stitch a few crescent moons into an existing pattern and call it a day, the complete lineup consists of six dresses and two tuxedos, so that brides and grooms alike can dress in fashions drawn from and inspired by the magical girl franchise.

Pictured directly above is the Princess Serenity dress, a satin Empire waist dress evoking the lunar royal’s regalia, and accompanied by her tiara and earrings.

Next is the Sailor Moon dress, with a dynamically wide skirt adorned with the celestial marks of Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Senshi. If you want the anime allusion to be even stronger, adding the overskirt, collar, and ribbons leave no doubt that this is part of the Sailor Moon Wedding Dress Collection.

Coming directly from the pages of the manga, the Usagi Wedding dress recreates the gown worn in the series’ final scene by Sailor Moon’s “ordinary schoolgirl” secret identity, Usagi. Naturally, Mariarosa is also offering the collarless tuxedo worn by Mamoru (a.k.a. Tuxedo Mask) in the same scene.

Alternately, if you want the tuxedo Mamoru wears when he’s actively operating as Tuxedo Mask, that’s also an option, with a classic tailcoat and optional top hat and cape (though, oddly enough, no mask).

While the custom in Japan is for the bride to wear white during the ceremony, it’s also common to change into a different dress for the reception, and even changing multiple times for particularly lavish celebrations. The Sailor Moon Dress Collection has also thought of this with three other formal gowns.

Five Sailor Senshi and Sailor Chibi Moon Image Dress, with planetary insignias and the image colors of the core cast members

Four Outer Senshi Image Dress, with the hues of Sailors Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

Luna (Princess Kaguya’s Lover Version) Image Dress (which mentor cat Luna wears during her brief stint as a human girl)

While they’re technically supposed to be for the bride, these, especially the Senshi dresses, look like they’d also make viable bridesmaids’ dresses.

The entire collection is scheduled to become available for rental at Japanese wedding chapels staring in August.

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Source, images: Sailor Moon official website
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