Who needs hops when you’ve got traditional Japanese architecture?

Whether you call it the Level Up jump, the toilet paper wall challenge, or some combination of the two, you can usually expect the popular pet meme to play out in a one of three ways:

1. The dog leaps over the toilet paper roll barrier to get to its treat.
2. The dog crashes right through the barrier with speed and gusto.
3. The dog stops on the far side of the barrier and looks longingly at the so-close-but-yet-so-far-away snacks.

Alternatively, these leave us feeling impressed and smiling at how nimble, single-minded, or well-behaved the canine is. However, there’s a fourth possible outcome, one that can occur if you’re doing the challenge in a traditional Japanese house, like Twitter user @chitoneee’s pet recently did.

@chitoneee’s family pet, a chocolate Labrador retriever, is faced with the challenge of a three-roll-high barricade. While that doesn’t seem like it should be an unclearable hurdle for a breed of this size, we should bear in mind that @chitoneee’s pooch is 14 years old, making her a senior citizen in dog years.

Still, maybe the old girl still has enough spring in her legs to get up and over. We’ll never know, though, because she finds another way to clear this challenge.

The room the dog begins the video in is a traditional Japanese one. That means tatami reed floor mats, but more importantly, sliding doors with no knob or handle to manipulate. So rather than try to leap over the toilet paper, the Lab simply pushes one of the doors open a little more to give herself enough space to go around.

Though she still nonchalantly knocks one column down as she walks by, this clever solution to the problem has earned @chitoneee Labrador plenty of love from online commenters, who’ve reacted with:

“So smart!”
“When you’ve been alive as long as she has, you learn a few tricks.”
“Using her brain instead of her brawn.”
“Very effective method.”
“Seniors really have a different way of looking at things.”

Don’t take this to mean that @chitoneee’s pet is lacking in athleticism though. Despite her age, she’s still active and healthy, as proven by this video where the retriever is doing what the breed is known for, retrieving, by playing fetch in a river.

“A long time ago, she used to be a pretty rambunctious dog,” says @chitoneee, “but she’s mellowed out now that she’s older.” It sounds like she’s found a good balance in life, and with her ability to think outside the box still has a lot that she could teach to younger dogs.

Source: Twitter/@chitoneee via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@chitoneee
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