One of Japan’s most beloved stars meets one of Japan’s most beloved characters.

It’s a big year for Doraemon: he’s celebrating his 50th anniversary, and his 40th movie — Nobita’s no Shin Kyoryu (Nobita’s New Dinosaur) — came out in theaters earlier this year.

And, as one of Japan’s most famous 2D characters, he’s got a lot of real 3D celebrity fans. One of these is none other than Naomi Watanabe, who participated in promo for Doraemon’s big year by dressing up in one of the most adorable cosplays we’ve ever seen.

▼ Her blue hair buns are Doraemon’s tiny ears! How much more creative can you get?

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ドラえもんとドラえもんでドラえもんしました😂リールに飛ぶと全体見れます😂👍 今日は映画「ドラえもん のび太の新恐竜」 の舞台挨拶でした💙💙💙 ドラえもん役ではなく、ナタリー役です😂👍 昨日から大ヒット公開中🦖🦖🦖 あなたの大切な方とぜひ見てください🤗 Doraemon and Doraemon did Doraemon together😂 Today was the premiere greeting session for the movie "Doraemon Nobita no Shin Kyoryu"💙💙💙I play the role of Natalie, not Doraemon😂 It's in theaters since yesterday🦖🦖🦖 Please watch it with your special person🤗

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Her look includes Doraemon’s signature red collar — well, three collars if you count the ones keeping her “ears” in place — red lips to mimic Doraemon’s blue-and-red palette, and a red circle on the back of her dress for Doraemon’s tail. She even has dorayaki (a pancake-like snack filled with red bean paste) earrings, which is Doraemon’s favorite food!

If you’re wondering why Naomi Watanabe is one of the celebrities promoting the new movie, it’s because she played a part in it! She provided the voice of the character Natalie. It’s not a leading role, but it’s a pretty big deal to be a part of the Doraemon franchise.

▼ We think she could make a pretty convincing female Doraemon, though.

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ドラえもん50周年記念そして40作目の映画となる『映画ドラえもん のび太の新恐竜』にて、ゲスト声優をさせて頂きました🥰🦖見た目は1000%ドラえもんですが、ドラえもん役ではないです🥰(当たり前) 木村拓哉さん演じるジルと通信し、のび太たちを密かに監視する怪しい女、ナタリーを演じます🤐 実写版の時は…是非ドラえもん、もしくはドラミちゃんを演じたいです🥰😂 今回のドラえもんメーク結構頑張りました🥰 3月6日金曜日公開なので、是非劇場に遊びに来てください🦖🦕💖 憧れのドラえもん先輩との写真撮影の時の先輩、アドリブ多で緊張しました😂一緒にお仕事出来て光栄です😭😭 あと、余談だけど 最後の写真、 平成中期生まれの、若くてキャピキャピしたPOPな見た目だけど、冷静にマイク一本で淡々と漫談する、意外と上下関係めちゃ厳しいしゃべり激つよ女性芸人の宣材写真みたい😂(長) あとハートの指の短さ😂 #ドラえもん I had the honor of doing the voice over for Doraemon's 50th annivesary and 40th movie "Eiga Doraemon Nobita No Shin Kyoryu" 🥰🦖I look 1000% like Doraemon but I don't play Doraemon's role 🥰(duh) I am the mysterious woman Natalie who communicates with Jil, played by Takuya Kimura while secretly watching over Nobita and his friends🤐 If they ever do a live action version, I want to be Doraemon or Doramichan🥰😂 It starts Friday, March 6th so please check it out at the movie theater🦖🦕💖 Doraemon who's been in the business a long time got me all nervous with his freestyling poses during the photoshoot 😂

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Fans and netizens absolutely loved the clip of Watanabe taking a nap with her Doraemon doll:

“This is adorable!”
“I love the dorayaki earrings. The red collar motif ribbons holding her hair in place are amazing, too.”
“That look suits her.”
“She makes a cute Doraemon!”

In the second Instagram post we linked, Watanabe said she’d someday love to be able to play the role of Dorami-chan — Doraemon’s younger sister. Whatever she ends up doing (even if it’s another Lady Gaga parody), we’re sure she’ll nail it!

Sources: Neto Labo, Instagram/@watanabenaomi703
Top image: Instagram/@watanabenaomi703