Talk with senior male acquaintance apparently went south/arrow-y.

A young woman with a dramatic-sounding name who lives alone in the mountains of Japan and fights with a bow and arrow sounds like the setup to any of a dozen different anime series. This past weekend, though, those were some of the real-life particulars in a case being investigated by the Nagano Prefectural Police.

Natsumi Mizusawa resides in Kinasa, a mountainous neighborhood on the outer edge of Nagano City. According to the police, on Monday afternoon, a 70-something male acquaintance, whom Mizusawa had met in-person previously, came by to visit her at home, as the two had previously agreed. After the man arrived, the two were having a conversation in front of Mizusawa’s home, but the chat came to an end when Mizusawa shot the man with an arrow.

▼ Kinasa

Reports describe the weapon Mizusawa used as a “Western-style [i.e. non-Japanese-style] bow” or a “bowgun,” but regardless of the delivery method, the arrow pierced the man’s right arm after being shot from “a close distance.” No matter how skilled a conversationalist you are, there’s really not much of a verbal rebuttal you can give to missile weapon attacks, and so the man got back in his car and drove to the house of another acquaintance, who then called the paramedics. He was then rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The paramedics subsequently informed the police about the unusual injury, which led to an investigation. Although the man’s arrow wound was deemed not life-threatening by doctors, Mizusawa has nonetheless been arrested on charges of attempted murder, and the police are currently trying to clear up what exactly the two’s relationship was and what led to the attack.

Sources: NHK News Web, Yomiuri Shimbun
Top image: Wikipedia/Crossbowproductions
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